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Slow Such a great introduction to a minimalist mindful living lifestyle The author does a great job of being personable and convicting without being preachy she really makes you think, but reminds you that it s okay to fail and failure doesn t make you a terrible person Highly recommend In Slow, Brooke McAlary creator and host of the uber popular Slow Your Home blog podcast shares her journey towards and through, living a slow and intentional life Not so you can imitate her actions, but to help you realise what your own why is Why does a slow, intentional life appeal to you And importantly, what are the things that matter, really matter, to you What do you want your legacy to be And Why It s not about the how It s about looking deep Past the social mask and the past the Joneses, deep into yourself and your intentions for being.I can t put into words how affecting this book was for me Brooke s warm tone, her honest, straight to the point narrative, and her ability to worm her way into your soul is mesmerizing She shares both her own story, as well as practical advice and pathways that will be inspiring to those just feeling their way towards slow living, as well as those already embarking on their journey.Covering the usual topics such as decluttering and mindfulness, Slow is so much than a how to manual It s a book that feels like a warm hug of reassurance that there is still hope for a meaningful and intentional life for us all It s a book that will spa An amazing and well laid out planner of how this author changed her way of viewing the world by decluttering, mindfulness, and just taking things slower Although some of this has been written elsewhere, it was still wonderfully written. Followers of my reviews will know that self help books are not my usual forte I used to read parenting guides many moons ago when my big kids were tiny kids these kind of qualify as self help don t they and I skimmed, because it was a book club pick, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, but I found this to be both preaching to the converted and over zealous It s not that I think I don t need any self help it s that I m just not all that interested and I have a million other books that I would rather read and fiction is my favourite, always my first preference and okay, I ll be honest, I don t think I need any self help However, Slow, was a really good read Brooke McAlary has a definite way with words, her prose is inflected with humour, a self depreciating honesty, and a tell it like it is quality that I always appreciate The premise of Slow is to simply slow down and be present in our own lives Be grateful Be mindful Stop buying crap you don t need and working harder to afford a life you don t even enjoy At a base level, Brooke s word Oh man, so much great information, tips, tricks, ideas, and an over all empowerment of love in this book Great writer, and I plan to read this over and over again til it totally absorbs into my soul and I have it memorized I m going to listen to the audio of this while going through my next things purge to keep me inspired and motivated If you find yourself way too absor I appreciate how McAlary emphasizes that slow living isn t about minimalism and that much of what we see about minimalism is exactly the problem it s keeping up with a perception of what we think we should be Nothing groundbreaking here, but still a nice book to remind you about unplugging, about the po Are You Constantly Striving To Keep Up With Life S Busy Expectations It S Easy To Feel Consumed With The Desire To Succeed And Acquire , And Miss The Simple Opportunities Waiting For You To Slow Down A Walk In The Forest, Sharing Laughter With Family, A Personal Moment Of GratitudeOnce Upon A Time, It Became Clear To Brooke McAlary That The Key To Happiness Was Discovering A Simpler, Fulfilling Existence She Put The Brakes On Her Stressful Path, And Reorganized Her Life To Live Outside The Status Quo, Emphasizing Depth, Connection And Meaningful Experiences Alongside Brooke S Affirming Personal Stories Of Breaking Down And Rising Up, Slow Provides Practical Advice And Fascinating Insights Into The Benefits And Challenges Of The Slow Life, Such As Decluttering To De Owning Messiness To Mindfulness Asking Why, To Asking Where To Now Slow Is An Inspirational Guide On Creating A Life Filled With The Things That Really Matter, And Is Meant For Anyone Seeking Peace, Meaning, And Joy In Their Otherwise Rapid Lives Slowly Of Course. This was my book club s pick for January 2019.Now, I have never really read self help books I skimmed a lot of it, and honestly I didn t even finish the last chapter, which is why I am not rating this one I don t feel like I could accurately rank it since it s not a genre I have ever read or plan on reading much again and I didn t read it all I do think there were some nice points, but there is This was a good book on slowing down, embracing simpler living, etc The author is a young woman from Australia, married, with 2 children She started her journey to a slower life following postpartum depression after the birth of her second child She discusses decluttering, mindfulness, letting go of perfection, reducing media consumption, figuring out what is most important, living intentionally, avoiding comparison with others, etc She freely admits her flaws and mistakes and that it has taken her a while to get to the point where she is at now, and that is one of the strengths of the book, I think, because she doesn t appear to have all the answers and does a good job of describing the process of re evaluation and making s I LOVE THIS BOOK I read a lot of these nonfiction self help mindfulness help me help myself type books what can I say I m an enneagram 3 Self improvement is like crack to me and this one feels so different Honestly, they re not usually very well written And they regurgitate the same generic good vibes crap a lot But Slow is a prime example of why I love the genre THIS BOOK IS WONDERFULLY REFRESHING The content is nothing completely new but is phrased in such a way that it actually resonated It s well written She goes over everything from decluttering to mindfulness to balance I LOVE how intentional she was I was wondering why I loved this book so much until the author herself called out what made it different there are no DIY tips, recipes, beautiful family photos or composting guides It s high level because she makes the book about her audience She refuses to throw out the old Jones s for a new set of her own creation And I dearly love her for that Love it.2

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