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Crownbreaker The Sixth And Final Instalment Of The Inimitable SPELLSLINGER Series Kellen And Reichis Are Settling Into Their New Lives As Protectors Of The Young Queen And Dealing With The Constantly Shifting Threats To Her Reign And To Her Life For The First Time In His Life, Kellen Feels As If He S Becoming The Kind Of Man That His Mentor Ferius Had Wanted Him To Be Even Reichis Has Come To Appreciate Having A Noble Purpose So Long As No One Minds Him Committing The Occasional Act Of Theft From The Royal TreasuryBut What Seems To Be A Simple Card Game Between Kellen And An Old Man Is Soon Revealed To Be A Deadly Game Of Wits In Which A Powerful Mage Has Trapped The Queen S Spellslinger In Order To Kill Him Perfect For Fans Of The Dark Tower, Firefly, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Terry Pratchett, Ben Aaronovitch And Jim Butcher

About the Author: Sebastien de Castell

Hi Folks My tenth novel, CROWNBREAKER is in stores in around the world.You can get a pair of free stories here The best way to stay up to date is at www.decastell.com, but I m also on that Facebook thing Also that Twitter thing One day I ll even remember to get on that Instagram thing.As to who I am WellSebastien de Castell had just finished a degree in Archaeology when he started work on his first dig Four hours later he realized how much he actually hated archaeology and left to pursue a very focused career as a musician, ombudsman, interaction designer, fight choreographer, teacher, project manager, actor, and product strategist His only defence against the charge of unbridled dilettantism is that he genuinely likes doing these things and that, in one way or another, each of these fields plays a role in his writing He sternly resists the accusation of being a Renaissance Man in the hopes thatpeople will label him that way.Sebastien s acclaimed swashbuckling fantasy series, The Greatcoats was shortlisted for both the 2014 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fantasy the Gemmell Morningstar Award for Best Debut, the Prix Imaginales for Best Foreign Work, and the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer His YA fantasy series, Spellslinger, was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and is published inthan a dozen languages.Sebastien lives in Vancouver, Canada with his lovely wife and two belligerent cats You can reach him at www.decastell.com

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    An Okay ending to an Okay series _ _

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    I m not entirely sure what happened I wish I had enjoyed these last 2 booksbut the story felt out of place New villains popped up I didn t see the point of, new characters appeared who I was supposed to just like for no reason The story I was so invested in during books 1 4 disappeared and books 5 and 6 felt like it just ditched all that progress.For example, a character who is known as God appears in this installment an

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    That postscript was perfect.

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    okay for realthe US covers for this series need to go away and be replaced by the glorious UK ones

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    I can t recommend this series enough, especially now I know De Castell truly knows how to write an ending Even though he said Kellen and his friends would always be in our hearts, this goodbye still hurt Spellslinger will always be one of my favorite fantasy series, filled with tricks, magic, realism and best of all, innovative characters Sometimes, we don t need a hero Sometimes, we just need our wits and a little fear to remind us we re alive

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    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum is the ending to the Spellslinger series that fans have been waiting for For six books now, we ve been journeying along with Kellen Argos, a failed mage who has become so muchBut while it s incredible to see how far he has come, how in many ways he is different from the boy he used to be, it s also heartwarming to know in all the important ways he has not changed at all, that he is still the Kellen w 4.5 of 5 stars a

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    I ll admit that I begrudgingly picked up Spellslinger when I was in a reading funk and looking for something light and short to try and trigger my reading momentum 6 books later I can attest to the fact that it just might have worked as I quickly became a big fan of the series From characters, to story, to narration to cover art, every book has kept me wantingand this one was no exception A fun, well rounded, exceptionally paced and thoroughly entertaining ser

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    Crownbreaker is a fitting conclusion to a great series.Spellslinger is one of those rare series of books that starts off strongly, maintains the quality and ends with a bang Crownbreaker brings Kellen Argos s story arc to a satisfying conclusion and I love every moment of it.This series is a must read.

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    Five stars Always I loved this so much It felt like a perfect way to round out Kellen s adventures so far, and to let us see the bigger picture that we ve been glimpsing throughout when it comes to politics I really don t want to spoil anything so I will say that I continue to love the people we knew, and really enjoyed some of the new characters we meet And Sebastien s post script was perfect.

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    Spoiler FREE review of Crownbreaker The world has no use for a trickster once the final trick is played 5.0 5.0I just spent the last week wanting to know what happens, but not wanting it to end It has been a poetically problematic week for me to be honest.The character growth throughout the start of the series has been amazing I am not going to name any characters here in fear of spoiling anything throughout the series, suffice it to say, I found many different characters developSpoi

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