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Bowlaway Read Bowlaway Author Elizabeth McCracken Thegreatwallonline.us A Sweeping And Enchanting New Novel From The Widely Beloved, Award Winning Author Elizabeth McCracken About Three Generations Of An Unconventional New England Family Who Own And Operate A Candlepin Bowling Alley.From The Day She Is Discovered Unconscious In A New England Cemetery At The Turn Of The Twentieth Century Nothing But A Bowling Ball, A Candlepin, And Fifteen Pounds Of Gold On Her Person Bertha Truitt Is An Enigma To Everyone In Salford, Massachusetts She Has No Past To Speak Of, Or At Least None She Is Willing To Reveal, And Her Mysterious Origin Scandalizes And Intrigues The Townspeople, As Does Her Choice To Marry And Start A Family With Leviticus Sprague, The Doctor Who Revived Her But Bertha Is Plucky, Tenacious, And Entrepreneurial, And The Bowling Alley She Opens Quickly Becomes Salford S Most Defining Landmark With Bertha Its Most Notable Resident.When Bertha Dies In A Freak Accident, Her Past Resurfaces In The Form Of A Heretofore Unheard Of Son, Who Arrives In Salford Claiming He Is Heir Apparent To Truitt Alleys Soon It Becomes Clear That, Even In Her Death, Bertha S Defining Spirit And The Implications Of Her Obfuscations Live On, Infecting And Affecting Future Generations Through Inheritance Battles, Murky Paternities, And Hidden Wills.In A Voice Laced With Insight And Her Signature Sharp Humor, Elizabeth McCracken Has Written An Epic Family Saga Set Against The Backdrop Of Twentieth Century America Bowlaway Is Both A Stunning Feat Of Language And A Brilliant Unraveling Of A Family S Myths And Secrets, Its Passions And Betrayals, And The Ties That Bind And The Rifts That Divide.

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    My first novel from McCracken, and probably my last if the others are like this Sprawling is the best word for this book It spans like 15 different lives, all stemming from one bowling alley in Massachusetts in the late 1800s It s weirdly untethered despite everyone being related in some way to each other, and I found myself ...

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    Who could walk away from this opening line They found a body in the Salford Cemetery, but aboveground and alive It sounds like the start of some gruesome murder mystery, but then the wackiness worms in The gladstone bag beside her contained one abandoned corset, one small bowling ball, one slender candlepin, and, under a false bottom, fifteen pounds of gold

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    If you like sprawling generation spanning tales brilliantly written in the vein of John Updike or Lauren Groff, then Bowlaway by Elizabeth McCracken is the book for you However, if you like poorly written tales full of misspellings, irregular capitalization, a meandering plot, and a peculiar fixation on flatulence all written in pencil , then I have to say my son Will

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    A sprawling delight Like reading John Irving circa Garp and The Hotel New Hampshire, but written by a woman.

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    This was an ARC I received from a publisher I had loved one of Elizabeth McCracken s short story collections Thunderstruck so I thought I would enjoy this book However, it turned into one of those slogs that I ended up forcing myself to power through.I don t know how to describe this novel because it made no sense to me, but the story mostly revolves around a bowling alley in a small New

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    I loved the breezy, whimsical writing This book is often touching and funny and wise Unfortunately, it got bogged down with too many characters and a lot of the book was focused on characters that weren t even the most interesting ones Overall, though, it was charming and she s a great writer 3.5

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    What a big, sprawling novel this is It reads like an anecdotal history of a bowling alley, and the family who starts it, grows with it, and feels trapped by it It s about the farthest branches of a fa...

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    I loved this book a million reasons the language, the characters, the storytelling, but most of all, for the way it expresses a love for Massachusetts the candlepin bowling, the Peggy Lawton cookies, the great molasses flood, the Mary Jane candies it was like reading a book made strai...

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    Quirky, yes Amazing sentences and rambling style and completely enjoyable If wondering if such would interest you, read the 5 star reviews and then read the 2 star ones You ll likely find your people Ha

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    1 2Love, love, love Elizabeth McCracken and have been waiting for this one Solid read but I wanted Bertha.

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