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Fed Up From Gemma Hartley, The Journalist Who Ignited A National Conversation On Emotional Labor, Comes Fed Up, A Bold Dive Into The Unpaid, Invisible Work Women Have Shouldered For Too Long And An Impassioned Vision For Creating A Better Future For Us All.Day In, Day Out, Women Anticipate And Manage The Needs Of Others In Relationships, We Initiate The Hard Conversations At Home, We Shoulder The Mental Load Required To Keep Our Households Running At Work, We Moderate Our Tone, Explaining Patiently And Speaking Softly In The World, We Step Gingerly To Keep Ourselves Safe We Do This Largely Invisible, Draining Work Whether We Want To Or Not And We Never Clock Out No Wonder Women Everywhere Are Overtaxed, Exhausted, And Simply Fed Up.In Her Ultra Viral Article Women Aren T Nags We Re Just Fed Up, Shared By Millions Of Readers, Gemma Hartley Gave Much Needed Voice To The Frustration And Anger Experienced By Countless Women Now, In Fed Up, Hartley Expands Outward From The Everyday Frustrations Of Performing Thankless Emotional Labor To Illuminate How The Expectation To Do This Work In All Arenas Private And Public Fuels Gender Inequality, Limits Our Opportunities, Steals Our Time, And Adversely Affects The Quality Of Our Lives.More Than Just Name The Problem, Though, Hartley Teases Apart The Cultural Messaging That Has Led Us Here And Asks How We Can Shift The Load Rejecting Easy Solutions That Don T Ultimately Move The Needle, Hartley Offers A Nuanced, Insightful Guide To Striking Real Balance, For True Partnership In Every Aspect Of Our Lives Reframing Emotional Labor Not As A Problem To Be Overcome, But As A Genderless Virtue Men And Women Can All Learn To Channel In Our Quest To Make A Better, Egalitarian World, Fed Up Is Surprising, Intelligent, And Empathetic Essential Reading For Every Woman Who Has Had Enough With Feeling Fed Up.

About the Author: Gemma Hartley

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fed Up book, this is one of the most wanted Gemma Hartley author readers around the world.

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    My husband does a lot He helps me out with the housework, he takes care of our children if I will be out, he will do anything I ask him to Personally, I think I m pretty lucky In response to praise such as this, author Gemma Hartley asks, Does he do a lot compared to other men or does he do a lot compared to you Emotional labor is the invisible job handed down to women of

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    I was excited to read this book because the blog post that had led to this book being written resonated so strongly with me I read it in a day and was not disappointed It s not a long book but there is so much in here that matters that I m going to take it chapter by chapter after my overview Overall, it s about women doing the vast majority of the emotional labor Invisible

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    This is a thought provoking book on the unseen emotional labor of women, how society has shaped both men and women s acceptance of this role, and what we can do about it While well researched it s also not a slog, and I read it in big gulps.

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    Necessary I d like to see this be required feminist reading Gemma tackles The hard stuff here with insight and intellect Next step CHANGE.

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    It s hard to overstate how valuable I found this book It s as if Hartley has taken everything I ve struggled to articulate about what goes on in my head on a daily basis and laid it all out, not just explaining what it feels like to carry the mental and emotional load in a marriage, but also figuring out how we got here and what we can do about it It s an odd but welcome feeling t

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    Hartley s in depth analysis of emotional labor and its implications across Western society breaks ground in this discipline Stemming from a Harper s Bazaar article Women Aren t Nags, We re Just Fed Up the book explores how emotional labor and its distribution affects everyone Emotional labor is the work we do to help each other out as human beings in the context of an American, priv

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    Worth listening to via audio The narrator, Therese Plummer, did an amazing job and doesn t sound at all like she s reading nonfiction They made a great choice I liked that Hartley referenced another book I read this year called Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu I thought this was great because it shows the author wasn t writing this in a vacuum and builds upon other works on this topic Ov

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    Fed UP is the book every woman should definitely be reading come November 13th Gemma Hartley takes up the stand and makes it known to women that they are not alone in this journey that is emotional labor Gemma allows us to learn how day through day there exists a growing amount of stress given the work that every woman must put forward to be on top of everything and, i.e., kids, chores,

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    Fed Up is both a memoir of the author s marriage and a wider cultural analysis of how society views emotional labour Hartley writes with warmth and optimism about the frustrations caused by the organizational activities that appear invisible but make individual homes and communities run smoothly such as planning meals, remembering birthday parties and organizing C...

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    This packs a punch It s a really PERSONAL book, which was fascinating, because it s also a really universal book It s also super practical towards the end I think I have a better idea of how to broach the subject of emotional labor with my partner, which feels really refreshing If Hartley s original essay was the distress call, this book is her follow up, her answering rescue I m super glad

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