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Blood Relations Leland Crowe is a disbarred lawyer who makes a living as a private investigator in California He has a reputation for getting things done, often using methods are that are unorthodox and or illegal among them are bribery and electronic surveillance of private citizens Jonathan Moore, in Blood Relations, depicts Leland as a man without a clear sense of right and wrong For example, a defense attorney named Jim Gardner hires Crowe to undermine the prosecution s case against the leader of an international drug cartel Another example of Lee s ruthlessness is evident when he stumbles upon the body of a woman, Claire Gravesend, whose corpse has landed on top of a Rolls Royce Instead of alerting the authorities, Lee snaps photographs of the dead woman that he peddles to the tabloids for a tidy sum Subsequently, the victim s mother, the fabulously wealthy and influential Olivia Gravesend, hires Lee to find the person who killed her daughter Olivia does not believe that Claire took her own life.Moore s story, with its shameful secrets, lies, and intrigue, moves along briskly However, its flaws outweigh its merits The muddled plot involves a power hungry scientist whose reprehensible actions are vaguely described but never fully explained The novel has little humor and numerous scenes of gratuitous violence More than once, Lee is beaten up so badly that it strains credulity when he dusts himself off and resumes his quest to track down a criminal master I m a fan of the author and as per his previous books, I expected the usual brand of crime noir with a complicated protagonist and suggestions of dark technology Blood Relations delivers on that front I felt immersed in the setting There s a gritty darkness where everything has its place, and every move has a purpose There is plenty of action and while Crowe s abilities to bounce back from his injuries may seem a little preposterous, I found myself rooting for him Despite his moral greyness and questionable methods, he wants to do the right thing There is a sideplot involving his ex wife where there is a sense of unfinished history between them This is where we see another side of the hard investigator and makes him human.While the plot veers into science fiction it doesn t fall into melodrama The noir elements remain intact and make the story feels grounded The villains are believable and BOOKS Blood Relations By Jonathan Moore Ivogue.co.uk Taut, Smart And Electrifying Liv ConstantineA New Thriller From A Writer Who S Been Compared To Michael Crichton, Alfred Hitchcock, Raymond Chandler, Blake Crouch, And David Cronenberg Takes Us To The Most Menacing Core Of California S Upper Crust, A Class Of Billionaires With Money Than They Could Spend In An Eternity Who Is Claire GravesendSo Wonders PI Lee Crowe When He Finds Her Dead, In A Fine Cocktail Dress, On Top Of A Rolls Royce, In The Most Dangerous Neighborhood In San Francisco Claire S Mother, Olivia, Is One Of The Richest People In California She Doesn T Believe The Coroner Her Daughter Did Not Kill Herself Olivia Hires Crowe, Who Having Just Foiled A Federal Case Against A Cartel Kingpin Is Eager For Distraction But The Questions About The Gravesend Family Pile Up Fast First, The Autopsy Reveals Round Scars Running Down Claire S Spine, Old Marks Olivia Won T Explain Then, Crowe Visits Claire S Boston Townhouse And Has To Fend Off An Armed Intruder Is It The Feds Out For Revenge Or Is This Connected To The Gravesends He Leaves Boston Afraid, But Finds His Way To Claire S Secret San Francisco Pied Terre It S There That His Questions Come To A Head Sleeping In An Upstairs Bedroom, He Finds Claire Her Face, Her Hair, Her Scars And As Far As He Can Tell, She S Alive And Crowe S Back At The Start Who Is Claire Gravesend I liked this book a great deal Moore is one of my new favorite writers He has great writing craft, voice and character development I loved his first two books The Poison Artist and The Dark room The third book, Night Market was great as well just not on the same and straddled genres Some of the scenes from Night Market have stayed with me which is a sign Moore did his job Night Market is a near future story where he created a believable setting with wonderful images Blood Relations is current day but teeters on the edge of high concept, that I easily bought into and enjoyed For me, the plot was a tad predictable I still liked this book a great deal and would highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a well crafted, engaging novel I truly can t wait until the next one If Moore continues on this track he is going to be right up there rubbing shoulders with the Un investigatore privato viene ingaggiato per risolvere un caso Una donna facoltosa la sua cliente che non crede nel suicidio della figlia e vuole delle risposte.Un caso semplice in apparenza.Il compito di Lee Crowe Riuscire ad avere accesso alle informazioni della polizia, ai risultati dell autopsia, agli appunti del detective che si sta occupando del caso qualche telefona alla persona giusta e una mancia all informatore di turno e il gioco fatto.Peccato che per Lee questo caso si dimostri immediatamente un po pi complicato del solito Troppe le persone facoltose e in grado di zittire chi parla a sproposito, troppe le informazioni volutamente celate e gli interessi economici i ballo in questa storia e quindi tradotto in parole semplici tanti guai Guai che l investigatore privato non aveva previsto quando aveva accettato l incarico.Gli elementi per un thriller accattivante e mozzafiato ci sono tutti Lee Crowe non uno sprovveduto, conosce gli ingranaggi del sistema, lo stesso sistema di cui faceva parte e che l ha bannato dalla sua cerchia, ma che continua a cercarlo e a chiedere il suo aiuto attraverso canali segreti, in gamba, furbo, intelligente e con un paio B pronto ad essere messo in pratica nell eventuale ipotesi che il piano principale dovesse fallire Insomma un uomo pronto a tutto e con la grande arguzia di non farsi trovare impreparato da chi vuole fargli le scarpe.Attraverso la narrazione del I have very mixed feelings about this book Usually, I give three star ratings to books that are just okay, or a bit meh Unusually, this book gets a three star rating because there were some things about it that I really loved, and some things I really hated.It didn t start well for me Any crime novel in which the protagonist describes a girl s corpse as beautiful in the first chapter is just a bit, well, creepy I can do without it, but this is noir, so I suppose it fits the genre The problem for me was that I d just finished reading the Veronica Mars novels, which are not only noir but also stereotype breaking and a lot of fun, and Blood Relations is definitely not fun It s gripping and action packed and pulse racing, but I wouldn t call it fun.So look, I m not a big fan of masculine crime novels I like my noir to be a bit quirky and not take itself too seriously This novel followed the noir set up to a degree I found annoying divorced gumshoe protagonist who s down on his luck, but stoical to the point of caricature, and who works only with other men, while all the female characters are either young and sexy or old and rich This is a serious, testosterone filled story, but no I became totally and permanently hooked on Jonathan Moore s novels after reading THE POISON ARTIST, THE DARK ROOM and THE NIGHT MARKET, which together presented a tightly written and loosely connected triptych of San Francisco His newly published BLOOD RELATIONS, which has been eagerly anticipated by anyone who 1 has read any of his prior books and 2 has a pulse, is the equal of any and all of its predecessors, with a true and pitch perfect mystery at its core and a solution that blurs but does not break genre lines.Lee Crowe is the bent, but not broken, narrator of BLOOD RELATIONS He is a private investigator in San Francisco, operating out of a modest office on Van Ness Avenue and living in out of the way digs in Chinatown His primary client is Jim Gardner, a highly successful and utterly ruthless defense attorney who keeps him busy on just this side of an ethical boundary with an occasional crossover When we meet Crowe, he is temporarily ensconced in an itchy apartment in the city s infamous Tenderloin area, on an assignment the description of which is worth the price of the book all by itself He is taking an early morning strol I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it.A new thriller from a writer who s been compared to Michael Crichton, Alfred Hitchcock, Raymond Chandler, Blake Crouch, and David Cronenberg takes us to the most menacing core of California s upper crust, a class of billionaires with money than they could spend in eternity.Who is Claire Gravesend So wonders PI Lee Crowe when he finds her dead, in a fine cocktail dress, on top of a Rolls Royce, in the most dangerous neighbourhood in San Francisco Claire s mother, Olivia, is one of the richest people in California She doesn t believe the coroner her daughter did not kill herself Olivia hires Crowe, who having just foiled a federal case against a cartel kingpin is eager for distraction But the questions about the Gravesend family pile up fast.First, the autopsy reveals round scars running down Claire s spine, old marks Olivia won t explain Then, Crowe visits Claire s Boston townhouse and has to fend off an armed intruder Is it the Feds out for revenge Or is this connected to the Gravesends He leaves Boston afraid but finds his way to Claire s secret San Francisco pied terre It s there that his questions come to a head Sleeping in an upstairs bedroom, he finds Claire her face, her hair, her scars and as far as he can tell, she s alive And Crowe s back at Lee Crowe is a dis barred lawyer, now a PI who has a reputation of getting the job done regardless Even he doesn t realize what that will mean when he finds a body of a beautiful woman, dead, on the roof of a Rolls Royce in the middle of the ghetto Wait, can we still use the word ghetto Well, you know Being the type of guy that Lee is, he snaps some great photos of the woman and sells them to the highest bidding magazine That sets him a course that will take him from coast to coast with a trail of dead bodies in his wake Blood Relations started off like any other PI Crime Detective story dead bodies, downtrodden former somebody barely getting by in their new life with a beautiful ex spouse who haunts them But this isn t just any ole story this is a Jonathan Moore story If you know anything at all about this author then you know that there will twists, turns and a pile of noir throughout and I absolutely was not wrong or disappointed with this one While the theme of the story, and the atmosphere remains constant that of a gumshoe looking for a killer soon we are on the trail of an errant FBI agent and a scientist who is so cutting edge that his work is either insane I didn t like this It s a formulaic and dull mystery I didn t care for any of the characters, I didn t find the mystery that mysterious, and really didn t care about our victim at all.I found myself re

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