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Sapphire Flames Read Sapphire Flames Author Ilona Andrews Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk From 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Ilona Andrews Comes An Enthralling New Trilogy Set In The Hidden Legacy World, Where Magic Means Power, And Family Bloodlines Are The New Currency Of Society In A World Where Magic Is The Key To Power And Wealth, Catalina Baylor Is A Prime, The Highest Rank Of Magic User, And The Head Of Her House Catalina Has Always Been Afraid To Use Her Unique Powers, But When Her Friend S Mother And Sister Are Murdered, Catalina Risks Her Reputation And Safety To Unravel The Mystery.But Behind The Scenes Powerful Forces Are At Work, And One Of Them Is Alessandro Sagredo, The Italian Prime Who Was Once Catalina S Teenage Crush Dangerous And Unpredictable, Alessandro S True Motives Are Unclear, But He S Drawn To Catalina Like A Moth To A Flame.To Help Her Friend, Catalina Must Test The Limits Of Her Extraordinary Powers, But Doing So May Cost Her Both Her House And Her Heart. I have so many mixed feelings right now I am so excited this series is continuing because I love these characters and the world is far too brilliant to end in a trilogy But I honestly have no desire to read about Catalina I Pretty sure I m going straight to IA Hell for giving this book such an abysmally low rating But hey, at least I ll have central heating for all of eternity, so I guess I can t complain. Full Yeah Yeah Yeah I Know I Read It Very Wrong Indeed But There You Have It and Stuff Review YYYIKIRIVWIBTYHIASR to come closer to release and stuff ARC provided by the Most Awesome Authorlords and Avon via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Book 1 Burn for Me Book 2 White Hot Book 3 Wildfire Book 3.5 Diamond Fire Book 5 Untitled Catalina Novel to be released 2020Book 6 Untitled Catalina Novel to be released 2021May 1, 2019 Chapter 2 is here April 18, 2019 The complete entire whole first chapter is can be read here in its entire entirety and stuff March 20, 2019 It s deleted scene time February 13, 2019 A cover, new snippet , new webpage, oh my January 31, 2019 My my what big shifty lying eyes these are tiny snippet this is January 9, 2019 Pithivier, anyone Happy New Year Snippet and stuff December 19, 2018 And a very snipetty morning to youWhen I got my hands on him, I would pry his mind open like a tin can And then I would make him do a little dance, record it, and play it for him on a loop after I drained my magic off Irresistible I ll show you irresistible Just you waitDecember 3, ETA Two great snippets of deleted scenes from this book, from the Andrews blog Arabella POV story Sgt Munoz scene I got sucked into this ARC the minute it hit my Kindle, and finished it off in one day It was worth every minute This is the fourth novel in Ilona Andrews Hidden Legacy fantasy romance series, in which magical families control most of our society You do have to start at the beginning of this series each book builds on what came before Having wrapped up the romance of Nevada Baylor, Sapphire Flames and the novella right before it, Diamond Fire, now shift the main character focus to Nevada s younger sister Catalina, a siren with powerful persuasive magic.We ve jumped forward 3 years from the last Hidden Legacy book and novella Catalina is now 21 and the head of House Baylor A murder investigation drops in her lap it involves the family of Runa Etterson, the wonderful poison mage from Diamond Fire and Catalina wants to take it on even though a couple of major players CLEARLY warn her not to get involved Of course that only makes Catalina determined.It s fun to see Catalina step up her game not just a notch or two, but some major leaps forward for our shy young woman And, holy cow, Alessandro s character is NOT what I expected given what we ve previously see I LOVED THIS I m not going to say what I had to do to get a copy of this early It might have involved the sacrifice of a Barbie involving four toenail clippings, herbs, a secret, a promise and copious amounts of bourbondon t ask But, I got

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