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Full Ride Ghost Unit Full Ride By Gail FaulknerPrin Nervously Crossed Her Legs And Signed The Contract Was She Crazy Yes Crazy, Desperate, And All Things People Are When They Agree To Do Something Insane She Held A Contract Outlining One Night Of Submission To A Stranger Submission So Complete, His Requirements For Preparation Before Presentation Of Herself To Him Made Her Blush While Her Womb Tightened In AnticipationShe Would Do Anything To Escape The Dreams Would This Work God, She Hoped So Wrenching Dreams That Came Almost Every Night The Man In Them Never Varied, His Control Of Her Body And Its Responses Drove Her To The Edge Of Sanity She D Wake Up Screaming For Release, Finding Nothing But Wet Sheets And An Empty HouseTall, Dark And Dominate, He D Long Since Accepted Being Alone For This Lifetime He D Met His Lady, Lover And Submissive, But Only In The Dreams Dream Walking Is A Door To The Past Or Future, But Never The PresentShe Entered The Suite And The Unimaginable Reality Of His Woman Alive In This Time Exploded Across His Brain She Assumed The Required Stance Now, Spread Naked Before Him Stood Everything He D Never Dared Hope For

About the Author: Gail Faulkner

Gail Faulkner forever 38 was born in a frustrated reader s mind She adores men who know what they want and intend to get it One thing she is sure of is, Erotic is the new Sexy and that is excellent news Slipping on a little black dress is fun, having it ripped off, even better Okay, maybe we can get him to just take it off but that might be tricky.Most of all, she loves sharing her daydreams with anyone who will read them.

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    This is a bit of a heavy book It is dark and very BDSM oriented so if you dont like that, you shouldn t read this Prin is a woman who is haunted by her dreams She has had these dreams for 2 years every since her husband, her dom, died In these dreams there is always a man, the same man every time This man is her perfect dom Intense, handsome, and perfect for her But he s only in her dreams Prin s friend Dave starts noticing that she i

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    Mmmm hands off Gray is mine Oh to be cherished as Prin was, don t get me wrong I love my DH 30 yr anniv this year but a girl can have her fantasies Loved the book, Gray, the romance, Gray, the BDSM, Gray. Anyway Rem is looking like another lustbucket so I will have to readfrom this series.Some reviewers have said the BDSM in the story is dark, it is anything but There are no whips, humiliation, non dub con or orgasm denial All the Dom sub st

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    Loved this Another Gail Faulkner that I really enjoyed.I just loved Gray He is charmingly stalkerish which is really sweet behaviour in fiction because we know his feelings are reciprocated, but obviously not so good off the page This again delivered an interesting turn of events that was compelling and delivered enough sweetness as well kink to keep me happy again, love the very very dirty talk

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    Great over the top Alpha, possessive hero who knows the heroine is the one from the beginning Fairly hardcore on the BDSM, but no sharing voyeurism There are some very light supernatural elements sharing dreams As a freebie download, this definitely worked in getting me to buy the other books in the series.

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    Different stance on this love erotica story, which is part of a series I enjoyed it and will definately readof her books.Back Cover Blurb Prin nervously crossed her legs and signed the contract Was she crazy Yes Crazy, desperate and all things people are when they agree to do something insane She held a contract outlining one night of submission to a stranger Submission so complete, his requirements for preparation before presentation of herself to him made her

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    I loved this short story, the background that made the hero s obsession for the heroine plausible well as I ve said in some other review, I m drawn to cavemen heroes lol And despite his take charge attitude, Gray respects the heroine s will The scenes are strong but will not shock those readers familiar with bdsm genre HERO is a Warrior, ex special forces operative, intense, and a Dom Of American Indian descent, he s dreamed about the heroine for years and believes the

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    This book was INTENSE From start to finish He was very DOM and very Alpha, but she held all of the control Sounds strange But for them it worked and from what people tell me, it works for the D s relationship in general. but I digress This book was INTENSE like pass out after an orgasm INTENSE And HOT. although there was a line that made me giggle That hot nightstick he welded giggle But His care for her was wonderful He LOVED her and their story was wonderful I had to tak Th

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    The first half of this book was one long BDSM scene between two strangers It went on so long, I was beginning to wonder if this was all there was going to be for the story However, by the time I got to the second half, a real romance story formed I found the characters really likeable and their personalities nicely developed It is definitely a hot read and it turned out so well, I look forward to reading Rem s story.

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    I ve got no words.

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    Re read May 17, 2014Re read May 10, 2016Re read April 8, 2017

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