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Upheaval Upheaval Download Author Jared Diamond Sigilo.us A Bill Gates Summer Reading Pick A Riveting And Illuminating Yuval Noah Harari New Theory Of How And Why Some Nations Recover From Trauma And Others Don T, By The Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Of The Landmark Bestsellers Guns, Germs, And Steel And Collapse In His International Bestsellers Guns, Germs And Steel AndCollapse, Jared Diamond Transformed Our Understanding Of What Makes Civilizations Rise And Fall Now, In His Third Book In This Monumental Trilogy, He Reveals How Successful Nations Recover From Crises While Adopting Selective Changes A Coping Mechanism Commonly Associated With Individuals Recovering From Personal Crises.Diamond Compares How Six Countries Have Survived Recent Upheavals Ranging From The Forced Opening Of Japan By U.S Commodore Perry S Fleet, To The Soviet Union S Attack On Finland, To A Murderous Coup Or Countercoup In Chile And Indonesia, To The Transformations Of Germany And Austria After World War Two Because Diamond Has Lived And Spoken The Language In Five Of These Six Countries, He Can Present Gut Wrenching Histories Experienced Firsthand These Nations Coped, To Varying Degrees, Through Mechanisms Such As Acknowledgment Of Responsibility, Painfully Honest Self Appraisal, And Learning From Models Of Other Nations Looking To The Future, Diamond Examines Whether The United States, Japan, And The Whole World Are Successfully Coping With The Grave Crises They Currently Face Can We Learn From Lessons Of The Past Adding A Psychological Dimension To The In Depth History, Geography, Biology, And Anthropology That Mark All Of Diamond S Books, Upheaval Reveals Factors Influencing How Both Whole Nations And Individual People Can Respond To Big Challenges The Result Is A Book Epic In Scope, But Also His Most Personal Book Yet.

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    I feel very lucky to work with my wife, and not just because I get to spend extra time with her Melinda s way of looking at the world makes me better at my job.Jared Diamond says he owes the idea for his new book Upheaval to his wife, Marie Cohen, who s a psychologist Jared is already a polymath Although he was trained in physiology, his books usually blend anthropology and history, and

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    An example of presumed lack of models is provided by the U.S today, for which belief in American exceptionalism translates into the widespread belief that the U.S has nothing to learn from Canada and Western European democracies not even from their solutions to issues that arise for every country, such as health care, education, immigration, prisons, and security in old age issues about which most

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    There is a large body of research and anecdotal information, built up by therapists, about the resolution of personal crises Could the resulting conclusions help us understand the resolution of national crises Successful coping with either external or internal pressures requires selective change That s as true of nations as of individuals The key word here is selective It s neither possible nor d

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    This book explains how six countries historically dealt with their own deep crisis and upheaval Jared believes these six stories will help us solve any present or future U.S crisis or upheaval He begins in Finland discussing the huge mobilization of Finns 1 6 of the population and their fierce resistance against the Soviets which won them their freedom while other nearby nations weren t so lucky When the Sov

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    Diamond in the RoughAlbert Einstein spent the last half of his life trying to fit the universe into one elegant formula He did not succeed Jared Diamond is trying to do the same with national political crises in Upheaval He has developed a list of 12 factors that show up in times of crisis at the nation level The degree to which the nation deals with those factors if at all determines how successful it wil

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    There is just nothing new or noteworthy in this book There is not a coherent theory of crisis, just a few bullet point lists of things these countries have in common, which is really a stretch Some of the history was interesting, but if you want history, best go elsewhere A lot of his ...

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    Successful coping with either external or internal pressure requires selective change That s as true of nations as of individuals The author describes and compares crises and selective changes, over the course of several decades, in Finland, Japan, Chile, Indonesia, Germany, Australia and the United States He has a theory 12 factors associated with the resolution of national crises and he bends each of his samples to fit i

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    In this follow up to Guns, Germs, and Steel and Collapse, Jared Diamond shows how nations have overcome crises through methods individuals often practice in overcoming personal trauma Through his historical study of Finland, Meiji Japan, Chile, Indonesia, Germany, and Australia and his examination of current crises facing Japan, the US, and the world, Diamond reveals how certain factors like honest self appraisal and dealing wi

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    Jared Diamond s framework for this book Mapping the factors for individuals to successfully surmount personal crises to the greater context of nations successfully navigating crises strikes me as a simple, brilliant move For all the talk of needing STEM education in our nation we need a few million social workers to guide us all through the honest appraisal of our shortcomings strengths so our nation can move past so many simultan

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    Jared Diamond begins with how he has dealt with upheavals in his life and applies his strategies and those of others to nations With this background, this he defines 12 principles that informed the successful responses of Norway, Japan, Chile, Indonesia, Germany and Australia in times of national crisis The book concludes with the application of these principles to the issues now facing Japan, the US and the world.Diamond selected the co

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