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The Vacationers PDF The Vacationers Author Emma Straub Varanus.us For The Posts, A Two Week Trip To The Balearic Island Of Mallorca With Their Extended Family And Friends Is A Celebration Franny And Jim Are Observing Their Thirty Fifth Wedding Anniversary, And Their Daughter, Sylvia, Has Graduated From High School The Sunlit Island, Its Mountains And Beaches, Its Tapas And Tennis Courts, Also Promise An Escape From The Tensions Simmering At Home In Manhattan But All Does Not Go According To Plan Over The Course Of The Vacation, Secrets Come To Light, Old And New Humiliations Are Experienced, Childhood Rivalries Resurface, And Ancient Wounds Are Exacerbated.

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    I kept reading in the hopes that someone would drown Or maybe at the end of the book the plane would crash and the whole detestable, wealthy, privileged family would die on their way home from Mallorca, where their dream vacation in a giant private house near the ocean had been marred by secrets coming to

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    I confess to being utterly baffled by this book I m not referring to the book itself, which had a minimal plot that was very easy to follow I m referring to the critical reaction to The Vacationers It had glowing reviews and seemed to be on every summer reading list After reading it, I can only shake my head in won

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    I do not know why I kept reading this book It s basically a book about a family on vacation in MallorcaSome of the members have cheated outside their respective relationships at one time or another and all the resentment secrets finally come to light. and not even in any exciting events They just talk about it.That s it On a

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    A beautifully written boring story

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    This book was about as satisfying as eating a 12 pack of sugarless cinnamon gum for Sunday dinner This is the tale of Franny a short, fat, petty shrew of a woman who goes on vacation with her gay of course best friend and his partner her philandering husband Jim her spoiled, useless children and Carmen, poor, poor Carmen Franny is using their 2

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    I guess I m going to miss saying god I hate this book every 10 minutes I can t stand it any I just realized I have two chapters left and it hasn t stopped sucking once Throwing in the towel.

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    Find all of my reviews at Stars Secrets are no fun for anyone Keep that in mind When my husband asked what I was reading about over the weekend, the answer was simple Nothing He followed up that response with, uh oh so it s a 1 Star book then I surprised him by saying no and here I am giving The Vacationers a solid 3.5 I still stand by this being a

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    A quick summer read following vapid, detestable characters who try to escape their problems but ultimately have to face them while on family vacation Basically exactly what you expect it to be It deliv...

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    Well this was just an absolute delight I will admit that I was hesitant although I had high hopes, I didn t love Emma s previous book, Laura Lamont s Life in Pictures, so I didn t expect to be reading her again any time soon But my own vacation snuck up on me, and suddenly I was staring down three long flights and nine days at the beach, with not a thing on my shelves that I w

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    Sometimes I read great reviews of a book I just read and wonder if I read the same book I felt that way with The Interestings, and today I feel the same about The Vacationers I liked it It was a nice airplane read But it s not a YOU GUYS THIS BOOK book like some of the reviews Then again, I paid for my own copy.We follow the middle aged, upper middle class Jim and Franny Post, their son Bobby

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