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How to Hack a Heartbreak I know it s only January, but without a doubt, How to Hack a Heartbreak WILL be making my top books of 2019 list I absolutely loved this story from start to finish Mel Strickland is fed up with being a tech professional in a male driven industry, but even than that, she s sick of the current dating environment being sent inappropriate pictures before even exchanging a word, being ghosted, being stood up with no apology so when Mel goes out drinking with girlfriends, she stumbles home and decides to create a little website called JerkAlert as a goof, where women can rate the jerk s they ve gone out with to warn other women of what s out there There was so much about Mel I found myself relating to and ugh, in the whole online dating swipe culture situation , I quite possibly thought Rockaway was observing me and my friends while writing this hello SoulCycle references I was finding every moment possible to read this today, including finishing up on my lunch break, it was just that good I think anyone who is a fan of Christina Lauren s work would love this one or maybe just someone else who has swiped on one too many wastes of time Thank you to Graydon House for an advanced copy All opinions are my own. Never trust anything you read on the internet And never trust the internet with your heart If you re looking for love, stop swiping Instead, look up Look around The love of your life could be working in your office, or sitting next to you in a bar, or standing right beside you on a crowded city street Get off the internet for a little while Otherwise, you might let the one get awayMuch thanks to Edelweiss, Harper Collins and Graydon House for sending me an ARC This review is voluntary and opinions are fully my ownBuy This Book Series No Genre Romance Women s Fiction POV First person Cliffhanger No Content Warnings Sexism and Workplace Harassment Lying Miscommunication Read if you are looking for a light but fun techie love read.How to Hack a Heartbreak is an enjoyable read from new to me author, Kristin Rockaway It is about Mel, a helpdesk tech who is underemployed and should be a developer instead of assisting the all male programmers who only belittle her and harass her.One wrong date through Fluttr dating app a la Tinder sent Mel to a coding spree, then developing the website JerkAlert, where females can dish about the bad dates and unsolicited dick picks they encounter in the online world.As her career might go to a crossroads, so does her lovelife, when workmate Alex asked her out and actually seem like a potential The One.I surely enjoyed the rollercoaster of fun and emotions this was Generally light and easy to read, this book highlights how unfair the tech world views women and belittle their skills and potential to revolutionize technology as we know it It shows how there still is a blind eye to female inventors and start ups, and how unfair and unbalanced career opportunities are.I admire how the author chose to give Mel an amazing group of girl friends who lift each other up and help boost each others careers.I love how honest the romance development was It s definitely a slow burn as there were issues our MC is going through It seems like this book treats romance as one of the plot points but not the most important thing in the story.Love the author s style and am looking forward for her future works THE CRITERIA Blurb Hero Heroine Support Characters Writing Style Character Development Romance Pacing Ending Unputdownability Book Cover FINAL VERDICT 4.27 5 Review also appears on my blog Swipe Right For Love Swipe Left For Disaster.By Day, Mel Strickland Is An Underemployed Helpdesk Tech At A Startup Incubator, Hatch, Where She Helps Entitled Brogrammers Hatchlings Who Can T Even Fix Their Own Laptops, But Are Apparently The Next Wave Of Startup Geniuses And By Night, She Goes On Bad Dates With Misbehaving Dudes She S Matched With On The Ubiquitous Dating App, Fluttr.But After One Dick Pic Too Many, Mel Has Had It Using Her Brilliant Coding Skills, She Designs An App Of Her Own, One That Allows Users To Log Harrassers And Abusers In Online Dating Space It S Called JerkAlert, And It Goes Viral Overnight.Mel Is Suddenly In Way Over Her Head Worse Still, Her Almost Boyfriend, The Dreamy Alex Hernandez The Only Non Douchey Guy At Hatch Has No Idea She S The Brains Behind The App Soon, Mel Is Faced With A Terrible Choice One That Could Destroy Her Career, Love Life, And Friendships, Or Change Her Life Forever. Four, finally I found a smart, entertaining, heart melting rom com match of mine stars Amazing mashup of Sex and the City and Silicon Valley What a genius, funny, enjoyable ride Reading book is so much better to scroll down your non existing options and find mediocre television movie kind of Netflix rom coms Because IT MAKE YOU FEEL SO GOOD This book gives you joy, encouragement, fun that you need THERE ARE SO MANY YESSS THAT S WHAT I M TALKING ABOUT, THE AUTHOR TOTALLY GOT ME PARTS There are too many aavvv , wow , Heal yeah and Atta girl moments make you clap your hand, jump from your seat and pushes you curse to the ancestors of the opposite sex okay, this is not positive thing But this book is surprisingly better than so much women fictions about women power, equal rights and supporting each other to climb to the corporate steps with full of enthusiastic and challenging messages It tells honestly the hardness and struggles to survive at the tech world It was tougher than another other business environments because as like we saw the book, some empty headed homo sapiens still think a girl cannot code EASILY RELATABLE, GENUINE CHARACTERIZATION Melanie is one of the best heroines you may find At some parts you may be disturbed by her paranoia but as you consider her cheating dad and some blank parts and shady actions of Alex actually I loved him as hero from the beginning but I must support the heroine, because he seemed like too good to be true in some ways , it was still tolerable She s smart, funny, easy going When she gets jealous we may see her claws, but she s still adorable Her girlfriends are definitely copied from Sex and City characters and guess what I liked Samantha s version Whitney so much She s also PR woman, sticks to her one night stands, intelligent, competitive, straightforward but she s still a wonderful, caring good friend I think she needs her own book I like to read about her love interests, she s so BALANCED ROMANCE PARTS I loved Alex and Melanie as a couple and I loved their chemistry, attraction They made too many mistakes and they were buried with their own work problems but they still have each other A FAIR AND GOOD ENDING I loved to read a brilliant, competitive girl s determination and hard work to take her deserved piece from the big pie So this is a romantically and corporative ly satisfying ending 2 weeks remained to release I m one of the luckiest ones to get ARC COPY from Harlequin Graydon House Special thanks to them and to NetGalley for providing me this such an amazing, lovely romance in exchange for the most honest review I absolutely and highly recommend it to the readers who are desperately seeking not Susan a good romance escape Swipe Right for this Rom Com if you are a twenty something reader who has used a dating APP to try and find love You are bound to relate to this book Swipe Right for this Rom Com if you are of an earlier generation who has never used a dating APP but would like insight on how the younger generation date in today s world You will probably be relieved that you found your significant other in a traditional way Swipe Right if you love this colorful, comical book cover Gorgeous And Swipe Right, if you love books with Smart, Strong Women who support one another through the ups and downs of being a young, single woman in NY, finding dates with a dating APP called Fluttr Mel Strickland is a help desk tech by day, and a person trying to find the one by night and after being stood up, again, and receiving yet ANOTHER unsolicited picture of what should be a man s private part..she designs an APP of her own.JerkAlert.It goes viral overnight, with women logging the names of the men on Fluttr who behave in all sorts of unacceptable waysFrom the time Mel swipes left on a shirtless man I ignore those friend requests on Goodreads too till the last page, I was engaged and rooting for Mel to find love Refreshing and Relevant, it was just what I needed to get summer started One of my favorite lines It was funny modern technology could forge a connection between two people on opposite ends of the earth, but it could just as easily drive a wedge between two people standing side by side in the same room So very true I would like to thank Netgalley, Grayson House and Kristin Rockaway for the digital ARC I received in exchange for a candid review This title will be released on July 30th, 2019 A perfect beach read Pre order now Online dating has become a minefield And making it the plot of a romance novel isn t exactly new but it s always entertaining.The trouble with online dating is REAL Personally I love this kind of trope The horrible and very real dating mishaps, the time for ghosting and looking nothing like the profile pic is entertaining as hell And it s this universal dilemma that Mel is going through And while she learned it the hard way, she also figured out that developing her own app might just be the way to go BTW best app ever The author should get it developed ASAP The story is adorable, and charming A light hearted romance, with an overall enjoyable and entertaining plot.The female friendships in this book were amazing Really, AMAZING And probably the aspect I enjoyed the most about this book.About the romance I wasn t 100% convinced about Mel and Alex They didn t immediately click for me It could have been because I didn t feel that Alex was prominent Like an afterthought he hovered around the edges of the plot but never felt present He was nice and sweet, but also a bit clueless and displayed some typical male behavior that were just meh And I honestly didn t see the attraction between the couple But for each their own.Also, I hate to say this, but Mel wasn t my kind of person People characters that only complain but never change a thing about a situation get quickly on my nerves, because I m the opposite of it Mel should have quit and moved on It s hard to connect with a female character if they display such opposite traits.But otherwise the book was well written and I ended up enjoying most of the book ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.For book recommendations, follow me on Instagram Light, cute, and timely How to Hack a Heartbreak is a sassy, witty rom com about the determined, underestimated Melanie Strickland who after struggling through numerous bad dates, unsolicited dirty pics, and no shows decides to take online dating to another level by creating a website, JerkAlert, where women can identify those men who are not only sexist, obnoxious, and rude, but should definitely be avoided.The writing style is sharp and clever The characters are quirky, brazen, and amusing And the plot is a funny blend of life, love, introspection, friendship, awkward moments, embarrassing situations, misunderstandings, taking chances, and the ups and downs of finding love in a high tech world.Overall, How to Hack a Heartbreak is a humorous, entertaining, easy read by Rockaway that s bursting with female friendships, empowerment, and a nice dab of romance.Thank you to Harlequin Books for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. I REALLY wanted to love this book I really did I am a woman in IT I like to code I love the idea of this book This book missed the mark for me The whole book comes across as too preachy I am 100% a feminist and a girl trying to make a start in the tech industry, but this book beats you over the head All men are bad The IT industry is full of pervs and men who excuse that behavior It s simply not true There are pervs out there There are men willing to look the other way out there, absolutely.First of all, Mel should ve quit that job She s a girl who codes, the industry is booming She could get a new job in no time She s working a bottom tier helpdesk gig when she should be working in application development or even web design Her job is beneath her, she gets verbally abused every dang day She does nothing to make it stop It is in no way her fault, but she could take steps to make it stop Her immediate supervisor is willing to look the other way, but why doesn t she go to HR Why doesn t she go to the owner of the company Why doesn t she go above her boss head I would Nobody deserves to be talked to that way.Alex is a mostly absent character We don t see anything from his point of view, and he features only peripherally I can t honestly say anything about his character, because I don t know anything about his character He apologizes a lot, and he is sweet, but distracted, when they are together That s it That s all I ve got.Honestly, the only thing I liked about this story was the site Mel designed JerkAlert was an awesome idea Everyone that has ever used a dating app would love that idea For sure. Once again I find myself smiling wide through another fun rom com This genre is quickly becoming one of my favorites They rarely disappoint, I m always entertained, and they leave me feeling satiated at the end What could you ask from a book Like many of today s women, Mel Strickland is fed up with the quagmire of online dating Her dates are no showsshe is ghosted, or worse She continually receives unsolicited pics of certain anatomical regions Gee, thanks gentlemen how romantic Enough is enough Time to develop her own online app to weed out those creeps that are not truly looking for love She s about to go head to head against the big boys at the start up company Hatch A thoroughly adorable and heartwarming book about searching for love in a digital world It reminds us that maybe love isn t just a swipe away, but perhaps standing right in front of you Or, maybe even in the next cubicle over A story with some sage insight Perhaps it s time to open our eyes and reconnect with the world We may be missingthe oneas our noses are face down in our phones and our fingers are busy swiping left.or even right Another endearing rom com buddy read with Susanne Thank you to NetGalley Harlequin Graydon House and Kristin Rockaway for an ARC to read and review. Kristin Rockaway is a new favorite author of mine 3 What a breathe of fresh air I had SO much fun with this book Kristin delivers a sassy, funny, uplifting, and addicting romance novel I was hooked after the first five pages and devoured this book in less than two days.Let s meet Melanie Melanie works for Hatch in a male driven industry and she is FED up Mind you she is also even fed up with the dating scene of getting harassed with nude photos from men, being ghosted , and being stood up Mel goes out with her girlfriends one night and she decides to make an app called JerkAlert This was all supposed to be a joke where women rate men on this site and can tell other women to watch out for each of these jerks But, slowly word gets out and the app starts to spread.I could not put this book down I loved Melanie and her girlfriends Talk about strong, supportive, and loving women to keep you going Loved this This is one not to miss my friends get this on your summer TBR 4.5 heartbreak stars Thank you so much to Harlequin Graydon and Netgalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review.Publication date 7 30 19Published to Goodreads 2 12 19

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Kristin Rockaway is a native New Yorker and recovering corporate software engineer After working in the IT industry for far too many years, she finally traded the city for the surf and chased her dreams out to Southern California, where she spends her days happily writing stories instead of code When she s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son, browsing the aisles of her

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