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The Silent War: Chosen of the Sigillite This was a mostly decent anthology of Horus Heresy shorts with the novella The Purge added in In fact, The Purge, the novella is the best element within the anthology, and it was so well written that the rest of the stories simply lacked in comparison There were, of course, some excellent short stories included in here The Si KINDLE The Silent War Chosen Of The Sigillite Author L.J Goulding Bystricepodhostynem.eu While Loyalist And Traitor Forces Clash On A Thousand Battlefields Across The Galaxy, A Very Different Kind Of War Is Being Fought In The Shadows A War Of Subtlety And Subterfuge, Unknown To Many, But One That Surely Holds The Key To Victory For Either Side Rogal Dorn And His Legion Prepare To Defend The Solar System Against The Armies Of Warmaster Horus, Even As Malcador The Sigillite Charges His Many Agents And Spies With Missions Of The Utmost Secrecy The Future Of The Imperium Is Being Shaped By Unseen Hands This Hardcover Edition Contains The Following Stories The Watcher By C Z Dunn, Child Of Night Grey Angel Templar By John French, The Gates Of Terra By Nick Kyme, Luna Mendax Wolf Hunt By Graham McNeill, The Purge By Anthony Reynolds, Army Of One Distant Echoes Of Old Night By Rob Sanders, Ghosts Speak Not, Lost Sons Patience By James Swallow And The Sigillite By Chris Wraight This is book 37 of the Horus Heresy series and yet again they have outdone themselves What you have here is the short stories and novellas explaining the Silent War fought by Malcador the Sigillite Tales involving the Knights Errant, of which the Death Guard Captain Nathaniel Garro was the first There are tales of the servants of Malcador recruiting the needed men for the Knights Errant There are stories about the far reaching evil that is Horus, and the small wars fought against his machinations Overall this is a splendid explanation and enlightening look into the behind the scenes of the main books and stories, and it is such an informative and imaginative telling of these tales I really enjoyed this one, especially o Another anthology of short stories and novellas from the Horus Heresy series.Much like all the anthologies in this series it is a very mixed bag The Purge is both the longest and probably the best story The rest vary from good to okay There are no An anthology of stories from the mid part of the Hersey This time they mostly deal with the Sigilite and his henchmen the Knights Errant Draw from a variety of Legions, including those which have turned traitor, as well from other parts of the Imperium Whilst much of the Hersey series is about vast conflicts overtaking entire planetary systems or the questions of nature verse nurture these stories are much smaller in scale, a A very enjoyable anthology, with the stories much tightly bound than in previous Horus Heresy anthologies What has become the usual mix of plot deepening tales, nods to the background of the WH40K universe t One of the better anthologies, though from my perspective, this one has greater value in how it contributes to the complexity of the politics in this universe and the Emperor s grand scheme for humanity and how that imperial machine is trying to adapt during the heresy era.Basically you won t get As with most of these anthologies the start is weak and then ramps up into some good filler stories. This is a short story collection about the espionage and information gathering aspects of the Horus Heresy It has far less bolter porn action of a regular Black Library offering instead focusing a lot on cha

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