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The Lie PDF Epub The Lie Author William Dameron Derbybusinesscentres.co.uk A Candid Memoir Of Denial, Stolen Identities, Betrayal, Faking It, And Coming Out Do You Know Me , The Email Began, Sparking Tremors Of Fear That Turned Into A Full Quake Of Panic When William Dameron Discovered That His Selfie Had Been Stolen By Strangers On Social Networks And Dating Sites, His Image And Identity A Forty Year Old Straight White Male Had Been Used To Hook Countless Women Into Believing In Lies Of Love And Romance Was It All An Ironic Cosmic Joke Almost A Decade Prior, William Himself Had Been Living A Lie That Had Lasted For Than Twenty Years His Secret He Was A Gay Man, A Fact He Hid From His Wife And Two Daughters For Almost As Long As He Had Hidden It From Himself.In This Emotional And Unflinchingly Honest Memoir Of Coming Out Of The Closet Late In Life, Owning Up To The Past, And Facing The Future, William Dameron Confronts Steroid Addiction, The Shame And Homophobia Of His Childhood, The Sledgehammer Of Secrets That Slowly Tore His Marriage Apart, And His Love For A Gay Father Of Three That Would Once Again Challenge The Boundaries Of Trust At The True Heart Of The Lie Is A Universal Story About Turning Self Doubt Into Self Acceptance And About Pain, Anger, And The Long Journey Of Both Seeking And Giving Forgiveness. The lie begets the truth and the light What a beautiful, emotional book The author unpacked his soul, his experiences, and those of his family and lays the cards frankly down in front of the reader It s written eloquently, whether in the darkness or light While sharing the experiences of his family and loved ones, he s honest to the point of pain, but respectful He knows enough to say when he can t imagine what they re thinking or going through, which places needed limits on what he shares about them The tale, to some degree, is sadly too common Forbidden longing due to society and religion and family, hidden under attempting normalcy, whatever that may truly be As the author says, I m grateful that this is becoming less normal, and people can live their truths The catfishing and stolen identity is a different, though interwoven, tale less common The similarities are well established, though The book unfolds like a story told to friends or a therapy group Time frames are loose, dancing back and forth among years to weave pieces of his life together beautifully An example of the writing, which is eloquent and compelling Boxes The garage was still filled with so many unpacked boxes from our move back to New England six months ago We didn t leave anything behind We packed it all up and brought it with us, including my i This book explores William Dameron s struggle to come out as gay both to himself and his wife and children and his attempt to wade through the wreckage created by his decades long lie and find a clear path forward as a father, son, and husband once again There are so many words I could use to describe this memoir exquisite, heartbreaking, heartwarming, funny, inspiring, gorgeous, riveting , but none of them do it justice Even if you can t identify with Dameron s exact struggle, his story is deeply human, and I felt it deep in my bones It s a story of love and heartbreak, betrayal and forgiveness, deception and truth, self hatred and self acceptance and it s a story that will resonate, on some level, with every person who reads it There were so many stunning passages, but this is one of my favorites We are not the first generation of queer A beautiful, compassionate, and achingly honest memoir about coming out later in life Just gorgeous. Incredible It s always hard for me to choose between the monthly Kindle first read pre release book selections It s my monthly gift from prime, so I carefully peruse each description, weigh the number of pages I do love a long book , and try to guess which one I should read This despite the fact that I get multiple free books every day and have an unread Kindle stack in the tens of thousandsbut I digress Anyway Rarely does a book just jump out and make the choice for me but this month, that s exactly what happened I got to the 6th offering, The Lie , and knew immediately I needed to read this book despite its slim 266 pages, haha I got it and yesterday, I read it This book is so incredibly moving William Dameron tells the story of his life as a father and husband with a heavy, personal world destroying secret he s gay Somewhere inside he s always known, but societal and family pressure along with that soul eating inner fear of possibly not being loved and accepted for who he really is conspire to steal his real life from him.As

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