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Unmasked (Blood Bond Saga #10-12) Read Unmasked Blood Bond Saga 10 12 Author Helen Hardt Survivingtheholocaust.us Vampires Can T Levitate At Least That S What Dante Gabriel Always Thought, Until He Finds Himself Floating Above His Bed Along With His Lover, Erin Hamilton As He Continues To Exhibit Unusual Powers, Memories From His Time In Captivity Surface, Leaving Him Fearing What He Might Have Done While Imprisoned When A New And Unexpected Temptation Arises, He Finds Himself Unable To Resist.Erin Aches For Dante And Wants Than Anything For Him To Find Peace As They Uncover Clue After Clue In Their Attempt To Find The Missing Women And Solve The Puzzle Of Dante S Past, She Is Determined Than Ever To Put An End To Their Struggle, Even If It Means Putting Herself In Harm S Way.After An Ominous Visit With Bea, The Voodoo Priestess, Dante Knows What He Must Do, And He Must Do It Alone First, Though, He Will Make Erin Truly His And Take The Sustenance He Needs To Get Him Through His Next Battle But Will His Love For Her Be Enough To Save Him When His Nemesis Is Finally Unmasked

About the Author: Helen Hardt

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10 thoughts on “Unmasked (Blood Bond Saga #10-12)

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    Unchained Unhinged Undaunted She would not win I was not hers to use.I knew it I knew it I m so glad my prediction of the person terrorizing Dante s life was correct Phew Okay, so while Dante and his crew are trying to figure out a way

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    I held my breath from around half way through untill the end when I yelled Nooooooooooo This will be spinning round my head untill the next instalment I ll be so sad to see it finished I have loved all of these so far, the tension just builds and bui

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    Insanely engaging, obscenely well plotted, and unabashedly romantic Ms Hardt blew my nerd girl expectations out of the water, taking this saga into places I wasn t expecting and was delighted to go What I loved best about this part of the saga, besides the

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    Book 4 in the amazing Blood Bond saga I love Dante and Erin The Blood Bond saga is romantic and very compelling This series is addictive I LOVE Helen Hardt s writing style Can t wait for the next book

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    Part 10I don t know how but it just gets better and better Hardt gives us another amazing continuation of Blood Bond In part 10, Dante has abilities come to light that he possesses Not only that but he is remembering and of what happened while he was held captive Erin

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    Holy cow The Blood Bond Saga just gets better and better Helen Hardt weaves one hell of a story in the continuation of this amazing series Dante and Erin s story will suck you in and won t let go I love this series and I loved Unmasked I Can t wait for Undefeated

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    I am just gonna say that the ending really made me happy fearful mad screaming to the wind Happy in the fact that I finally got answers to many of the questions I ve had while reading this saga but fearful mad because now, what the hell is going to happen Especially since the next vol

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    This book was simply AMAZING I loved it In this book, Unmasked, Dante s power is growing stronger every day Dante, River, Jay and Erin are all trying to figure out where the women were taken, and who is behind it Key characters are disappearing and nobody seems to know why The group finally

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    I am a sucker for vampire stories I admit it I have really been enjoying the intriguing story line in the Blood Bond Series The saga continues to tell the story the vampire Dante who was taken captive at age 18 and escaped 10 years later trying to find out how he fits in the world, all with the hel

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    Dark Forces Flourish 10As this series progresses, we see Dante struggling with newfound skills and strength Dante is remembering of his enslavement horrors and the voices in his head are escalating Erin can see a change in Dante and is fearful that this will not end well for him if this behavior continue

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