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The Floating Feldmans Sink Or SwimToo Bad Her Kids Didn T Get The Memo Between The Troublesome Family Secrets, Old Sibling Rivalries, And Her Two Teenage Grandkids, Annette S Birthday Vacation Is Looking And Like The Perfect Storm Adrift Together On The Open Seas, The Feldmans Will Each Face The Truths They Ve Been Ignoring And Learn That The People They Once Thought Most Likely To Sink Them Are Actually The Ones Who Help Them Stay Afloat. This is a wonderful women s fiction novel Often funny, other times poignant, the book is told from multiple points of view So, we see the grandmother, Annette, dealing with her grown children that she feels distant from She remembers all she did for them when they were children up through college The son, Freddy, remembers how he was never good enough compared to his perfect sister The daughter, Elise, remembers how her mother endlessly gives her beauty tips that make her feel belittled Then there are Elise s husband and two children and their secrets.All of them have their own secrets, which we, the readers, quickly become privy to, but because the family won t tell each other what s actually going on in their lives, we can just wait for this combustible situation to explode when they all meet aboard a cruise to celebrate Annette s 70th birthday I chuckled I teared up I identified with the challenges of being in a family and not always saying what s on our minds, including apologizing and thanking one another Recommend Thank you to NetGalley and Berkely for the opportunity to review this novel, which RELEASES JULY 23, 2019 For reviews, please visit Elyssa Friedland has constructed a clever and compelling story An evocative family drama filled with tension, secrets and a splash of humor The setting of the cruise ship added even to the claustrophobic feel of the story Imagine three generations of a dysfunctional family confined to a cruise ship Meet the Feldmans Annette thought it would be a good idea to bring the family together for her 70th birthday Her two children, their significant others, and her grandchildren Sounds like a great idea, doesn t it This was such an engaging story, that kept my amateur therapist invested throughout We got The point of view of all the characters and this made us privy to a lot of secrets Some characters I connected with than others and some characters I liked than others I thought the dynamics between the siblings, and parents and children were spot on I am part of that sandwich generation, both my parents and my children are getting older As time consuming and challenging as it is to parent little kids, it is so much trickier when they become adults I kept waiting for everything to hit the fan in this book, and when it did oh boy All I m going to say is Baked Alaska This was such a relatable story infused with heart and humor The perfect book to add to your summer reading list Big thanks to Berkley for my copy of this book 3.5 starsThis was a pretty enjoyable read about family members who all seem to be hiding some sort of secret from one another I do think it was a clever idea by the author to have most of the story take place on a cruise ship as it led to some interesting situations Annette Feldman decides she wants to do something special for her 70th birthday so she organizes a vacation on a cruise ship for her family So Annette, her husband, her daughter, her son in law, two grandkids, her son and his girlfriend all climb aboard the ship, some excited than others Hmm, complicated family dynamics playing out in a confined space for a week I m sure nothing could go wrong wink, wink.The story follows the different family members so you do get an opportunity to see things from each person s perspective I can t say I liked each person but at least there was nobody I outright hated which was a problem I had when reading the author s book, The Intermission Now I wouldn t say this is the most memorable book I have read exploring family dynamics but it was decent Each person has their own issue they are dealing with but for the most part it is a light and easy read.Thank you to the First to Read program for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy I was under no obligation to post a review and all views expressed are my honest opinion.

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