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More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say) AmazingI teared up so many times reading this book I felt seen through Elaine s words I didn t realize how much I needed to hear I am than enough and Elaine s book really inspired me to believe it and keep saying it. Never has a memoir made me feel so seen and motivated More Than Enough is a book that will resonate with any minority who has ever felt invisible, any woman who s ever been in a shitty relationship, and any young budding millennial activist trying to pave their way through their professional field Elaine is nothing short of an icon I could easily read this book a thousand times over. Elaine Gifts Us All With A Beautifully Intimate And Powerful Retelling Of Her Ever Unfolding Journey In Sharing Her Joys, Pitfalls, Adventures, Self Doubt, And Successes, She Reminds Us That Through Uncovering And Discovering The Many Facets Of Ourselves, We Are Than Enough Yara Shahidi Elaine S Book Is A Call For Young Women To Find Their Voice And Spark Their Courage It S A Book I Would Have Loved To Discover As A Young Woman Starting My Own Career Reese WitherspoonIn This Part Manifesto, Part Memoir, The Revolutionary Editor Who Infused Social Consciousness Into The Pages Of Teen Vogue Explores What It Means To Come Into Your Own On Your Own Terms Throughout Her Life, Elaine Welteroth Has Climbed The Ranks Of Media And Fashion, Shattering Ceilings Along The Way In This Riveting And Timely Memoir, The Groundbreaking Journalist Unpacks Lessons On Race, Identity, And Success Through Her Own Journey, From Navigating Her Way As The Unstoppable Child Of An Unlikely Interracial Marriage In Small Town California To Finding Herself On The Frontlines Of A Modern Movement For The Next Generation Of Change Makers Welteroth Moves Beyond The Headlines And Highlight Reels To Share The Profound Lessons And Struggles Of Being A Barrier Breaker Across So Many Intersections As A Young Boss And Often The Only Black Woman In The Room, She S Had Enough Of The World Telling Her And All Women They Re Not Enough As She Learns To Rely On Herself By Looking Both Inward And Upward, We Re Ultimately Reminded That We Re Than Enough. Holy shit, go read this book Welteroth is a formidable talent and her memoir is raw and honest, equal parts confession and advice Totally inspiring and bad ass Ending the first day of the 24in48readathon at 6 hours and 20 minutes, not too shabby This was a lovely and lovingly crafted memoir that both took me inside an unfamiliar world with someone I was only vaguely familiar with, a welcome bit of kinship in the places where my experience overlapped, and a inspirational charge to be unapologetic in who you are and what you want especially if you come from a marginalized community.As a white cisgendered heterosexual woman this book was another piece of storytelling I needed to hear in order to continue to gain awareness about the privileges my status in this culture has afforded me But it was also a place where I felt seen, knowing that I have spent years feeling othered or ashamed of my curly hair and of having a large body in a world that attaches worth to my smallness Elaine writes speaks to the experience of being a black woman in this country and the world, but also speaks to the importance of acceptance and progress in an intersectional and inclusive way.Elaine s story is an inspiring one to be certain, but one that for those of us who can t thrive in a hustle, one that doesn t have to be aspirational Sometimes when I read memoirs like these, with someone who is so diligent, constantly going above and beyond to achieve their dreams and I m inclined to start shaming myself for not engaging in that kind of drive in my own past But I ve never been able to be in that lane, and there s nothing wrong with celebrating it in others while doing what works for you Elaine also acknowledges the burn out that comes with functioning at that level so consistently for so many years.Elaine counts on her faith and her belief in God as part of what shapes her life This wasn t something that I personally subscribe to, but as she never insists that one must be a person of faith in order to achieve success, I felt it was simply a welcome difference of beliefs a case of great for you, not for me as Amy Poehler would say.My only mild note of annoyance is that while I admire Ava Duvernay and her incredible work, I disagree with the main tenet that she explores in her foreword Nothing bad ever happens to me It s all to learn and grow I think it diminishes the fear and grief that we need to experience, to feel our feelings, when terrible things happen My getting cancer was a learning experience, but it was also a bad thing that happened People have the right to see something as wholly bad even if there are silver linings or helpful tools to be discovered I would never tell someone who was raped that it was so they could learn and grow, and I find that mindset to be surprisingly naive and excluding in its attempt to be uplifting All of that aside, this was a lovely and inspiring book that I would happily recommend to many readers of all ages. So many quoteable moments in this book Really inspiring and helpful for people from all walks of life This book went beyond what I could have imagined It was excellent I was hesitant to read it because memoirs aren t my thing and I wondered what could a thirty year old millennial possibly be talking about that would make me want to read her The answer was alot Elaine writes with raw emotion about the challenges of being a black girl in this world She chronicles her life growing up Biracial on the west coast and how she never felt good enough or black enough Her teen and early college years were like the sound track to 90s hip hop When all she wanted was to be like MJB and happy She finally finds that happiness in her work in magazines like Ebony,Glamour and ultimately Teen Vogue Through the process of self discovery she realizes that life is about taking risks, asking for what you want and believing that by faith it will happen For everyone who ever had a dream and feared it would never come to pass, Elaine shows us that it can She also shows you how to not let perfection destroy you By learning to put up a front early in life because of family issues and later in her romantic relationships, she suffers from the same insecurities that all women face at one time or another That she had be perfect to be enough at work and in her relationships That need for perfection manifests as anxiety until she learns to walk into her power and authenticity of being a young black woke woman at the helm of a powerful magazine She finds her voice and , a real love when she started loving herself If you want a feel good story with some real life lessons, More than Enough is for you. When announced in the fall that Elaine Welteroth would be publishing a memoir, I immediately had this title on pre order We ve seen her take over as Teen Vogue s EIC only the second black woman in Conde Nast s history , as a guest producer on Grownish, and a beloved judge on Bravo s Project Runway We all know that she is a boss, but down to the core, who is Elaine Welteroth For those that truly know me, you know that I can t get through a non fiction read unless on audio I truly enjoyed this listen not only is Elaine an incredible writer I doubt her publishing editor had to make many any edits , but I could both hear and see myself throughout the chapters Here s a powerful woman that s still discovering her magic, and abundance of her power on a daily basis While she s accomplished so much already, I truly believe that she hasn t even reached her prime just yet And that s saying a lot.My favorite takeaway from this book was the following quote Trust that life will continue molding you, challenging you, and readying you for your next adventure But only you can choose to walk away from what no longer serves you To leave what you ve already conquered and to step boldly into what s next Elaine Welteroth Since Elaine is a new judge on Project Runway, I wanted to hear her story, but assumed I would skim through this book just to get the gist of it I ended up reading every word Loved it. Wow This book I have no words and so many words about why I loved this book so much Elaine Welteroth is truly an inspiration for so many reasons, and getting to read her story in her beautifully written words I am thankful for the experience Her rise to Editor In Chief of Vogue is extraordinary She even says in the book that people are often interested in the results and the firsts, but now the hustle it takes to get there For me as a young black woman professional reading about her ups and downs gave me another boost I didn t know I needed Elaine really has a beautiful way with words this is not shocking because she s a journalist duh and reading her book was equal parts page turner and inspirational I laughed and cried with her I feel like a better person for having read this book She gave me a boost and I m just so grateful What a beautiful reminder that I amMORE THAN ENOUGH 3

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