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Get a Life, Chloe Brown I ve been extremely generous with my 5 star ratings recently, but Talia Hibbert is an author that truly earns every freaking star she receives She s a national treasure and we do not deserve her, folks If you enjoy meaningful romances that are as diverse as they are steamy, please do yourself a favor and pick this one up Dani s story is next in the trilogy, and you bet I m waiting on pins and needles for it to be releasedFYI, this book does contain graphic sexual content and may not be suitable for all audiences.Me, when I shed my dark, thriller reading persona, and pick up a feel good, steamy romanceMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. A wonderful, sweet and sexy tale of enemies to lovers, but also an emotional story about healing I loved this book soooo much This was hands down my favourite romance book of the year so far I had already read, and loved A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert, so I was so excited to get an ARC of Get a Life, Chloe Brown I love the diversity in this author s books, but also the unexpected emotional depth I must also mention the author s note at the start She actually included a trigger warning for healing from emotional abuse, and that was much appreciated Chloe Brown, a chronically ill website designer almost got hit by a car, and she realised that she hadn t really been living her best life at all, so she made a plan and a list she was really great at those of things that she wanted to do so she could get a life.Red, the superintendent of Chloe s new flat and a sexy artist, seemed to like everyone but Chloe After they both make incorrect assumptions about each other, they got off on the wrong foot, but could he help her with her list Lets see so this had realistic and likeable characters, the two main character s Chloe and Red were everything I felt such a connection to them both, and just fell in love with them Chloe was smart, strong, snarky, hilarious and adorable She came across as rude to start with, but that was just her armour, her defence mechanism if you like, to protect herself from being hurt She was so relatable with her nerdiness, and her lists I really felt for Chloe, life had certainly thrown some shit her way.RedOh my gosh, I do not usually go for men with long hair, but Redford Morgan can do no wrong in my eyes He had flaws, and a past, but he was so open and honest, and had such a sensitive soul He was kind, loving and mature, which was so refreshing I just adored him The secondary characters were also interesting I loved Chloe s sisters, and her relationship with them, and Gigi was just awesome Any of them could have their own book I also liked Red s friend Vik, and their friendship.I don t have any personal experience of living with chronic pain, but I felt that this book handled it really well Chloe suffered from fibromyalgia and also with fatigue because her illness affected her sleep I liked the way the book showed how Chloe dealt with her illness, how she managed her pain and her day to day life It felt authentic.This book gosh it touched on so many things.1 The different types of healing, both physical and emotional.2 Wrong assumptions made by judging someone on your first impression of them which I am definitely guilty of sometimes 3 Getting out of your comfort zone.4 Positive body image Chloe Brown was a curvy, plus size black woman, but her size was not talked about at all Her size didn t define her, and she was a sexy, confident woman I loved that about her, she owned her body, and I am so inspired by her 5 It s not just women who suffer from emotional abuse.6 Making new friends, trusting them and putting yourself out there It was all so lovely Chloe and Red had some chemistry that s for sure They had great banter, and there were a few very steamy scenes Most of all though, they were so good for each other I must have gone through nearly every emotion reading Get a Life, Chloe Brown, and when I had finished reading, I felt like I could float away, I had such a grin on my face This book had such heart, and I fell hard for it I cannot recommend it enough, in fact I will be buying a copy of it on November 5th when it is published, and devouring it again very shortly Many thanks to Edelweiss and Jessica Lyons at HarperCollins for my digital review copy in exchange for an honest review. All the stars I m so bloody emotional after reading this Red and Chloe are the sweetest and must be protected at all costs.Review to come once I stop swooning This was one of my most anticipated books of the year and I am SO happy to report that I loved it just as much as I was hoping I would Chloe was so strong and smart and hilarious and Red was so swooney and kind and loving and MY HEART IS SO FULL If you want to read a romance that is equal parts sexy and swooney, look no further PLUS THERE IS A CAT WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT Thanks to Avon for the advanced review copy This book struck the perfect balance between feel good and meaningful At the same time that there were important discussions about chronic pain and abusive relationships, it was also so damn cute and fun and lighthearted I loved Chloe and Red s banter and the way that they supported one another, and this book was so addicting that I read it practically in two sittings which is rare for me nowadays It definitely held up to my expectations The one problem I encountered with this book is a personal preference and not even entirely a criticism, but sometimes the dialogue in this felt a bit too sickly sweet and Lifetime movie esque If that s your thing, then you will love this book But sometimes I found myself glossing over long paragraphs of I love you monologues because it felt a bit generic Tangentially related to this is that sometimes the characters spoke like they re from a YA novel, which isn t a dunk on teens, but rather I wish that silliness and sarcasm could have been backed up by some maturity I only noticed this in the dialogue, though, so I really enjoyed the writing style otherwise and tabbed quite a few parts.If you re looking for a book that s cute and wholesome but also delves into grittier topics like chronic illnesses and recovering from abuse, I definitely still recommend this one It has so many great themes and the characters are so supportive of one another, and I applaud the author for tackling certain subjects like the importance of therapy in a story that s also cuddly and easy to read. I know this is still a long way off, but I am just so unspeakably proud of my fave for getting signed on with Avon for this trilogy and I cannot wait to buy 18 copies of it and shove them in everyone s faces until she s just as popular and widely adored as she deserves to be. 5 5 starsIt s very awkward, dating while disabled People can be quite awful And you know I don t have much energy to spare for social nonsenseI can t even begin to explain what this book meant to me I have never, in my entire life, read a book with a character that has suffered exactly like me To see what I have been through reflected on a page, and to see the beautiful story of self betterment and healthy romance that Chloe went through had me in tears There was just a lot of tears happy, sad, overwhelmed, and relieved tears , which lead to me highlighting roughly 45% of the book not even exaggerating, I fell in love with every second sentence Although this book features a character with chronic illnesses, it did not define her or make this book serious dark depressing it was a fun and warm romance that blew me away This is the story of Chloe Brown, a thirty one year old that when faced with a near death experience, realises that she has let her chronic illnesses Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, CF, migraines, muscle weakness stop her from living the life she wants This isn t an unrealistic story where the character with chronic illnesses puts their mind to it and gets better, or lives a pretty unaffected life despite the unrealistic amount of activity they partake in This was painfully real, you read about all of Chloe s flareups, all her couch bound and painkiller fogged moments But she was sassy, sarcastic, brave, hilarious and beautifully vulnerable She was a strong character, who despite her faulty body and the potential kickback that comes with attempting to live even a slightly normal life, was determined to challenge herself Due to her Get a Life List , she moves out of her family home and into an apartment complex where she meets Redford, the 6 3 tattooed, charismatic and way too attractive for the state of Chloe s cognitive abilities superintendent The two don t immediately get on, but when they re forced together in an attempt to save an endangered cat, they begin to realise there may be to each other than first impressions let on Now Redford My dear, beloved Red I truly can t even begin to explain how much I truly loved and adored him I was very interested to see what kind of hero would be paired with Chloe, and how the story would run I was a little frightened that Chloe s chronic illnesses may become the a point of angst or drama but I had no reason to worry Red was thoughtful and sensitive despite his rough exterior and was always conscious of Chloe, thinking of ways to subtly help herShe seemed fine, but then, she seemed fine all the time and yet she was in pain all the time too When it came to looking after Chloe, that pretty face of hers couldn t be trustedThere is such a fine line when writing romance with a disabled character, sometimes it can come off as a carer or mother y dynamic, but I never once felt that between Red and Chloe Red himself carried around some emotional trauma and baggage from a past emotionally and physically abusive relationship, and the way you see him slowly work through it a man taking part in therapy, HELL YES Living for this healthy rep and romance was a true highlight The romance between these two characters was so incredibly heart warming and HEALTHY I just couldn t get over how much I loved this book.It touched on so many subjects but for me, the chronic illnesses rep meant the most It s so hard to find anything like this in literature, especially in romance, and it was just done so well I couldn t handle how much hard edged truth Talia weaved into the bookLike being unwell was a crime or a scam or a self indulgenceEven the author s note had me in tears,To Dr Griffiths, who looked me in the eye and said First things first I believe you. I mean if that isn t the most relatable and crushing chronic illness thing, then I don t what is I m just utterly thankful to Talia Hibbert for writing such inclusive and diverse romance It s what this genre is sorely lacking, but so far, 2019 has been an amazing year for diversity Thank you so much to the publishers for the eARC in exchange for a review 4 stars for Chloe Brown I enjoyed myself a lot reading my first Talia Hibbert book So many tropes I loved combined into one book.Next door neighborHate To LoveHeroine making a life altering listChloe was such an adorable character, sarcasm and eccentricity her coping mechanisms for a chronic illness she s been dealing with for years.I don t recall any romance book depicting in such depth what it s like to live daily with invisible disabilities Round of applause for the author for making Chloe s journey not only relatable, but engaging despite the obvious portrayal of Chloe daily struggles with her illness.You d think it sounds like something heavy to read except it s really not The author managed to both deliver a fun and sexy romance with emotionally charged moments all the while dealing with serious themes like chronic illness and relationship abuse.Chloe Brown is me From to her chronic illness, her coping mechanisms, her ludicrous one sided conversations unfolding in her head, down to the fancy chocolate she s addicted to, the preposterous amount of notebooks she owns, her fondness for pretty pajamas, her nerdiness fellow PS4 player here, the prime boxes surrounding her living room So uncanny.But I also think she s little bit like many romance readers too Introverted, shy, reserved Her prickly and snobbish appearance is a facade she uses as armor Wit and sarcasm she wields as metaphorical weapons For Chloe, it s all proactive self defense you see Part of Chloe s coping mechanisms has been to remove herself from situations socially and emotionally that could bring hurt.She feels she missed out on many things and is now ready to make some new experiences, like getting entangled with the sexy tattoed next door ginger, Redford Morgan, which ironically she can t seem to like one bit.Hate to love you trope anyone How about a Next door neighboor trope Heroine making a life achievement list Yes, it s a trope too These two together were unbelievably cute Redford riling up Chloe on purpose made for some great banter and so entertaining to watch Paired with the British isms of the author s writing, their inners thoughts dual POV and bickering were LIFEDespite himself, he let his gaze drift to her legs He could see her calves again today, and her ankles, circled by the leather straps of her shiny shoes He drank in every detail like some sexually deprived Victorian blokeI really appreciated Chloe and Redford communicating, sharing and learning about each other Sure, Redford had to pry some of Chloe s feelings out of her but overall I enjoyed the communication between them Redford is set on helping Chloe through the neatly printed list she created to get a life , but along the way we can also see Chloe helping Redford processing unresolved issues.Redford Morgan was charming So charming I can t find a better way to describe him He s got this real nice guy vibe going on but he can be very forward when it comes to things he likes And he s liking Chloe Brown alright The man is obsessed with the prickly, arrogant next door woman Chloe and Redford officially can t stand each other but the reality is they share an unhealthy amount of attraction And secret mutual fascination I loved watching them fall for each other I adored watching them try not to.There is this scene about halfway in the book, I m calling it The Non Kiss Scene.The tension during this scene was so thick, I ve found myself chantingKiss him Kiss him Kiss himIt s not often in my romance book that I ve read about life altering kiss scenes , surely you know the kind of scene I m talking about The ones you re rooting for the characters to bloody do it already, the scenes you almost find yourself leaning toward the hero to receive the kiss true story Well, this NON KISS scene got me ready to snap SO good Get A Life Chloe Brown was equally adorable and HOT So hot With all these new illustrated covers flooding the romance genre I feel a content warning or rather a warrant of hotness is needed Personally I love illustrated covers but they are kind of misleading I d expect something super cute, YA, woman fiction, and not a romance with graphic sex Not that I mind the later On the contrary I m just saying, this could mislead readers both way.Talia Hibbert sprinkled that sweet romance with some serious dose of EROTICALLY CHARGED scenes and the resulting tension was massive I had to get my breathing in check several times, I could hear myself deep breathing through some scenes, LOL.Now, because I m a really nitpicky reader, I have to share two occurences that gave me a pause during one of the sex scenes I m not seriously taking issue with them, it s rather silly but stillHe found the strip of condoms he d packed, ripped one open, managed to roll it on with gritted teethI posted the above phrase on social media, asking readers opinion because English not being my first language, I thought it was a me issue Within context, yes, you know he s gritting his teeth and rolling down the condom with his hands But nevertheless the sentence gave me pause It read at first like he was rolling on a condom using gritted teeth So, yes, it got me out of the scene for a momentshe came again, shuddering beneath him, her hot pussy fluttering around him,Something about her pussy lips fluttering around him made me laugh out loud I m sorry, I know sex scenes are tough to write because you don t want them to be too generic, but something about this guy setting her pussy lips affluter made laugh A friend taught me about the English term queefing and it s rather appropriate, lol.All this blabbering to say, Get a life Chloe Brown was a marvelous read I m delighted to know a next book is already in the works about one of Chloe s sisters I haven t mentioned yet in this review that the heroine is plus sized and black because I ll personally read any book no matter what without necessarily look up forownvoices books but I know many readers are looking for diverse characters and representation matters So here you go, if you re looking for a fun, cute and sexy romance, be sure to grab this oneMore reviews and book talk atYou can find me here too Talia Hibbert, One Of Contemporary Romance S Brightest New Stars, Delivers A Witty, Hilarious Romantic Comedy About A Woman Who S Tired Of Being Boring And Recruits Her Mysterious, Sexy Neighbor To Help Her Experience New Things Perfect For Fans Of Sally Thorne, Jasmine Guillory, And Helen HoangChloe Brown Is A Chronically Ill Computer Geek With A Goal, A Plan, And A List After Almost But Not Quite Dying, She S Come Up With Seven Directives To Help Her Get A Life , And She S Already Completed The First Finally Moving Out Of Her Glamourous Family S Mansion The Next Items Enjoy A Drunken Night OutRide A MotorcycleGo CampingHave Meaningless But Thoroughly Enjoyable SexTravel The World With Nothing But Hand LuggageAnd Do Something BadBut It S Not Easy Being Bad, Even When You Ve Written Step By Step Guidelines On How To Do It Correctly What Chloe Needs Is A Teacher, And She Knows Just The Man For The JobRedford Red Morgan Is A Handyman With Tattoos, A Motorcycle, And Sex Appeal Than Ten Thousand Hollywood Heartthrobs He S Also An Artist Who Paints At Night And Hides His Work In The Light Of Day, Which Chloe Knows Because She Spies On Him Occasionally Just The Teeniest, Tiniest BitBut When She Enlists Red In Her Mission To Rebel, She Learns Things About Him That No Spy Session Could Teach Her Like Why He Clearly Resents Chloe S Wealthy Background And Why He Never Shows His Art To Anyone And What Really Lies Beneath His Rough Exterior Okay, it s nearly 5am and i just finished this book, this isn t my first Talia Hibbert book but this is the first that i ve rated 5 stars I absolutely loved this book, it had enemies to lovers excellence Also let s talk about the amazing family dynamics and friendship dynamics that this book shows I knew when reading this i would love it just by how well her relationship with her family was shown, most of my favorite books have the best family relationships The smut scenes were so steamy that i had to put the book down a few times in a good way if i could blush i definitely would be reading those scenes I also really enjoyed the ending because with most contemporary romances they end with characters being married, getting proposed to or having a kid and this ending had none of that which made me grateful There s nothing wrong with that plot i just think it s done in mostly ever romance so the fact that it wasn t in this one just sealed the deal for me I liked the illness part of the book and though i don t have the illness so i can t say if it was represented well or not, i can say that it still taught me a ton This book was so amazing and i absolutely can not wait for the sequel next summer I also can t wait for this book to officially come out because i ll definitely be buying multiple copy so i can read it over and over again. Here s why I need this book yesterday The MC is a woman of color The MC is chronically ill The MC is a computer geek Bucket lists Drunken Nights Hot guys Sex scenes

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