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Everything You Are From The Bestselling Author Of Whisper Me This Comes A Haunting And Lyrical Novel About The Promises We Make And The Forgiveness We Need When We Break Them One Tragic Twist Of Fate Destroyed Braden Healey S Hands, His Musical Career, And His Family Now, Unable To Play, Adrift In An Alcoholic Daze, And With Only Fragmented Memories Of His Past, Braden Wants Desperately To Escape The Darkness Of The Last Eleven YearsWhen His Ex Wife And Son Are Killed In A Car Accident, Braden Returns Home, Hoping To Forge A Relationship With His Troubled Seventeen Year Old Daughter, Allie But How Can He Hope To Rescue Her From The Curse That Seems To Shadow His Family Ophelia Phee MacPhee, Granddaughter Of The Eccentric Old Man Who Sold Braden His Cello, Believes The Curse Is Real She Swore An Oath To Her Dying Grandfather That She Would Ensure Braden Plays The Cello As Long As He Lives But He Can T Play, And As The Shadows Deepen And Phee Finds Herself Falling For Braden, She Ll Do Anything To Save Him It Will Take A Miracle Of Forgiveness And Love To Bring All Three Of Them Back To The Healing Power Of Music

About the Author: Kerry Anne King

Kerry Anne King is the sidekick, alter ego, and touchier feelier doppelg nger of fantasy and paranormal thriller writer, Kerry Schafer She is the author of three works of women s fiction, with number four releasing on October 1, 2019, and her last novel, Whisper Me This, was a Washington post and charts bestseller Kerry Anne is the proud possessor of a tugboat, a Viking, and forty acres o

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    Braden Healey is a musician, and when his hands are severely injured, he loses not only his career, but also his family, as he turns to alcohol Tragedy strikes Braden again when his ex wife and son are killed in a car accident His daughter, Allie, is seventeen, and Braden returns home to care for her He also wants to protect

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    Phee or the cello not sure which you are going to love The characters are so real.This book just warmed me so much but I LOVE music as much as I love books.Music, love, and forgiveness all make this book such a highly recommended read I will say this about the book, once you start reading you are not going to want to put it do

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    This beautifully written, lyrical novel is about music and family and forgiveness with a touch of magical realism It s one of those books that you want to get to the end to see how it ends but you find yourself reading slower because you don t want it to end and you don t want to say goodbye to the characters This book covers a r

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    Ophelia Phee MacPhee has received an amazing gift from her granddad for her eighteenth birthday He has gifted her his business, MacPhee Fine Instruments She is amazed he has chosen her to carry on the family business and is delighted at the opportunity What she does not realize is that there is a lot to this gift than what first m

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    From the very first page of this beautiful, haunting book, I was completely immersed in the story and its broken, troubled characters This is a novel that worked its way into my heart and soul utterly and completely.the rest of the world drifted away as I became immersed in the lives of Phee, Braden, and Allie The author s lyrical wr

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    Bravo Kerry Anne King, Author of Everything You Are has orchestrated such an intense, captivating, fascinating, unique, emotional, symbolic and thought provoking and suspenseful novel The Genres for this novel are Fiction, Magical Realism, Fantasy, Folklore with a Musical Background The timeline for this story is in the present and goe

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    A beautifully written story about loss, love and forgiveness Braden is a brilliant cellist, who s hands are damaged in a tragic accident, leaving him unable to play, and sending him into the world of alcoholism He leaves his family and his beloved cello, but still has a spiritual connection to it, as he stumbles through binges and hangov

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    What a beautifully written book The words just drew me in and I was soon lost in the story At eighteen Ophelia McPhees inherits her grandfathers Luthier business This business has been passed down through several generations When she inherits it comes with the a very different task a task that has her keeping track of some very special ins

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    At the center of the music, he is whole All of his confusion, his anger, his grief, his guilt turns to gold, a process of alchemy, I absolutely loved this book Starting with the breathtakingly beautiful cover, to the wonderfully musical writing style, to the very interesting and refreshing storyline This was such a great surprise I can t wai

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    We are not living in the Middle Ages Curses don t exist, not real curses A beautiful, poignant novel One of the main characters and a center in the plot is a cello A cello that chooses her person.Yes, you read that right But it is so much Braden has played this cello from the age of twelve and signed an agreement with the luthier to always pl

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