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A Good Neighborhood Five start plus five stars and five stars after that You all should be envious that I received an ARC from Goodreads and St Martin s Press and I got to read this book already Everybody needs to read this book Everybody Words can t describe it Just read it. This book ripped me apart How can love end so badly It ended terribly for Juniper with the loss of Xavier For Xavier for the ordeal he was put through For Julia when she sees Brad for who he really is For Brad who convinces himself that Juniper loves him For Valerie who loses a husband, a son and a tree Tragic yet eye opening to the dangers non white men fear, Therese Anne Fowler portrays a believable cast of characters Reading A Good Neighborhood Therese Anne Fowler Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Therese Anne Fowler Has Taken The Ingredients Of Racism, Justice, And Conservative Religion And Has Concocted A Feast Of A Read Compelling, Heartbreaking, And Inevitable I Finished A Good Neighborhood In A Single Sitting Yes, It S That Good Jodi Picoult, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Small Great Things And A Spark Of LightA Provocative Contemporary Novel That Examines The American Dream Through The Lens Of Two Families Living Side By Side In An Idyllic Neighborhood, And The One Summer That Changes Their Lives Irrevocably, From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Z And A Well Behaved Woman. This novel might better be titled A Good Neighbor as it revolves around two neighbors who drastically differ in their concept of what makes a good neighborhood It begs the question Is a good neighborhood what we make of it or what we want others to perceive it makes of us Fowler develops her storyline around Valerie, who deeply values nature and in particular, a hundred year old oak tree, and Brad, the new neighbor who seems to value himself but appears as the ultimate nice guy to everyone Their children, Xavier Valerie s and Juniper Brad also are a very real part of the storyline and they seem to represent the next generation who are tolerant and learning about life through each other s eyes Although Juniper took a Purity vow, she is attracted to Xavier and has decided that she would like to date, however there is resistance from her step dad Brad therefore the issue never comes up Brad has his own agenda which, when it collides with the relationship Juniper and Xavier have developed, leads to tragedy There I was chosen to receive this book by entering a goodreads drawing.Ms Fowler is a very good writer with a writing style that interests the reader enough to not want to put the book aside A Good Neighborhood is a timely novel regarding racism, especially in the south Immediately the reader knows someone will not survive the story told by a neighbor The detailed d i was given an ARC of a good neighborhood unsolicited and wow everything about it is a Bad Concept from start to finish i tweeted about this book the other day and have zero interest in reviewing it, so i ll link my little summary conten A very powerful book with a message that needs to be heard Racism is very much alive We need to teach our children about love and accepting differences Driving while black really does exist as well as many worse injustices This book is partially narrated by the neighbors who refer to themselves as we I found it a bit strange at first but grew to like it The book was emotionally draining and I had to put it down a few times That s what a good book does make you think and I could not put this book down From the opening sentence to the tragic ending, Therese Anne Fowler has created a story that is current and believable Don t miss this one it s stunning conclusion will stay with you long as you finish the last page AGoodNeighborhood GoodReads When the Whitman family moves into the quiet Oak Knoll neighborhood, they have finally achieved ultimate success home, family, and happiness But their arrival has caused the unraveling of a chain of events, and there is no stopping what is on its way Narrated by a Greek chorus of neighbors, who see all and know all, they are nonetheless drawn into the vortex that the Whitmans create, and the scene is set for an explosion Fowler writes a timely story about race, wealth inequality, young love, the failure of the disaster we call a justice system, and the realities of a choice that somehow blows everything to shards The tension ratchet When a new neighbor moved into a grand home in a modest neighborhood, Valeria Alston Holt, their nearest neighbor and the Whitman s share an old Oak tree between their yardsValerie saw her beloved oak tree loosing leaves and looking tired She wanted to sue the Whitman s and their builder for disturbing her tree with

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