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Dark and Deepest Red Summer, A Strange Sickness Sweeps Through Strasbourg Women Dance In The Streets, Some Until They Fall Down Dead As Rumors Of Witchcraft Spread, Suspicion Turns Toward Lavinia And Her Family, And Lavinia May Have To Do The Unimaginable To Save Herself And Everyone She LovesFive Centuries Later, A Pair Of Red Shoes Seal To Rosella Oliva S Feet, Making Her Dance Uncontrollably They Draw Her Toward A Boy Who Knows The Dancing Fever S History Better Than Anyone Emil, Whose Family Was Blamed For The Fever Five Hundred Years Ago But There S To What Happened In Than Even Emil Knows, And Discovering The Truth May Decide Whether Rosella Survives The Red ShoesWith McLe S Signature Lush Prose, Dark And Deepest Red Pairs The Forbidding Magic Of A Fairy Tale With A Modern Story Of Passion And Betrayal this cover is GORGEOUS and the premise sounds SOOO GOOD i m super excited, can it please be 2020 already 95% of my life consists of looking forward to this book which, according to the author, casts one of Andersen s most brutal fairy tales in the light of the true medieval events that likely inspired it At the center is a Romani girl trans boy Plus an ending that is so queer she may have officially out gayed her self. TAKE MY MONEY. This book has ruined all other books for me. Thanks to Edelweiss and Feiwel Friends for having this book up for download Also thanks to my friend who sent it to me first after I was complaining about being rejected CW transphobia, racism, anti Romani, and near executionsI will say, I liked this better than the other book that I read by her In that one, I absolutely adored her transman character because McLe so accurately captured that experience It was gorgeous.This book is quite different It s told in alternating perspectives One in 1518 during the dancing fever that struck, and is a real historical event, mainly through Lala s eyes Lala is a Romani woman who is in love with a transman The second is in the present, told either by Rosella or Emil Rosella is a Latina teen whose family makes shoes and Emil is one of Lala s descendants Both Rosella and Emil face persecution for who they are just because of their heritage.What first struck me is the Romani angle I find Romani culture fascinating and have read about it as much as I could, even though there s not a lot out there This book isn t a deep dive into the culture, but it was what first really drew me into the story I also find the historical background amazing because I don t think enough has been written about the dancing fever.But, this book does suffer in some ways and I think that s just because of my taste I really like books that have a set plot and I can kind of see where it s going I want to be surprised, but I still like knowing what the story is working towards In this, it didn t really have a set plot I was 90% in and I had no idea where the story was going It didn t help that the chapters were so short and right when I was getting immersed in that character s world, it changed to another perspective and I d lose track of things That was the hardest part for me So, while I enjoyed it, I didn t feel like I got as deep a dive into the characters I never got quite comfortable with them or very attached I know there was to them, but I just couldn t get to the level I wanted to.This is probably a book that I d enjoy on a reread, a lot like Erin Morgenstern Maybe one day I ll sit down to read it again now that I know the whole story and can catch onto details.Original reviewMe requests book with emphasis that I m an ownvoices reviewer as a transman Publisher denies request Not the first time this has happened or that I ve heard of this happening.

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