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Pivotal Decades These Were The Years In Which Two Of Our Greatest Presidents Theodore Roosevelt And Woodrow Wilson Transformed The Office Into The Center Of Power In Which The United States Entered The World Stage And Fought Its First Overseas War In Which The Government S Proper Role In The Economy Became A Public Question And In Which Reform Became An Imperative For Muckraking Reporters, Progressive Politicians, Social Activists, And Writers.It Was A Golden Age In American Politics, When Fundamental Ideas Were Given Compelling Expression By Thoughtful Candidates It Was A Trying Time, However, For Many Americans, Including Women Who Fought For The Vote, Blacks Who Began Organizing To Secure Their Rights, And Activists On The Left Who Lost Theirs In The First Red Scare Of The Century.John Cooper S Panoramic History Of This Period Shows Us Where We Came From And Sheds Light On Where We Are.

About the Author: John Milton Cooper Jr.

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    A solid history of the United States from 1900 1920, which I m reading in my quest to study the American progressive movement Pivotal Decades is very readable, well organized A nice mix of narrative and analysis The biases pro Wilson, very liberal centrist are interesting as well see below.There s an awful lot to comment on here, given the richness of the subject and how much material Cooper manages to work in Let me pull out some bi

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    This book was one of my texts for a 20th century history class in my graduate program I usually do not get excited over required readings but this book proved to be very well written and very interesting This book goes into detail about the political wranglings of the early 20th century We learn about the driving forces behind prohibition and how many politicians played this card to gain election All together I would reccomend this book not

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    Now my march through the ages brings me to the early decades of the twentieth century It was an era of dynamic political leadership and technological innovation of a maturing nation trying to figure out its destiny This was a time where old ideas were being challenged and America was going to fight in an a great international conflict known as World War I In the aftermath of the war the United States would decide if it was going to play a leadership

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    A basic survey political history of the US from 1900 1920 Pretty well done although Cooper is, in my opinion, way too eager to be even handed and often ends up trying weakly to justify or to condemn some pretty objectionable idiotic behavior on the part of his historcal actors This is especially true of one of his pet favorites, Teddy Rooseveldt While Rooseveldt was a colorful and dynamic leader, Cooper s presentation frequently borders on adulation and con

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    I wanted to like this book because it s one of the few historical surveys that offer insight into the period between 1900 and 1920, and especially because it s a chronological survey mostly , which is rare for the period try and find one of the latter half of the 19th century The problem is that so much of the small details are wrong the hill that TR and the Rough Riders rode up as San Juan Hill instead of Kettle Hill he listed the title of John Maynard Keynes s bo

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    This aptly named book concisely and clearly introduces the reader to the pivotal decades of American history, that point in its history in which the United States finally made the transition towards being a world power which would so dominate the subsequent history of the world Cooper largely follows the bi...

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    A rich text that really dives in depth on the political, societal, cultural, and sociological structure of America during a mere twenty years, namely, from 1900 1920, Milton Cooper Jr., does an excellent job at displaying unbiased information that isn t normally taught in our American history courses out of national pride or fear The honesty and forthrightness found in the text regarding the true nature of the slander, malice, mud slinging and propaganda is just sheer brilliance M

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    Cooper presents a well founded and supportive case that the early 1900s were significant in ushering in the US foreign policy shift from isolation to involvement He traces a number of significant themes within domestic policy such as reform, the labor movement, women s rights, an...

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    If you have read Barbara Tuchman s fantastic book The Proud Tower I think this book is a relevant and great add The importance of the first two decades shaped the nation for the rest of the century This period laid the groundwork for much of what followed international relations, race ...

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    This is a very interesting book although I think the author shows a distinct bias for Wilson and against Roosevelt Of course, that is just my impression It helped to read Roosevelt s autobiography and Wilson s The New Freedom while I read this book to get context and the words of the men the...

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