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The Clutter-Free Home When It Comes To Your Home, Peace Is Possible Longing For A Place Of Peace From Which You Can Love Others Well The Clutter Free Home Is Your Room By Room Guide To Decluttering, Reclaiming, And Celebrating Every Space Of Your Home Let Author Kathi Lipp Who Once Lived A Life Buried In Clutter Walk You Through Each Room Of Your House To Create Organizational Zones That Are Not Only Functional And Practical But Create Places Of Peace That Reflect Your Personality Kathi Will Help You Tackle The Four Step Process Of Dedicate, Decide, Declutter And Do Your Thing To Reveal The Home You Ve Always Dreamed Of, And Then Transform It Into A Haven That Reflects Who You Truly Are Meant To Be If You Re Also Feeling Overwhelmed By The Care And Upkeep Of All The Stuff Under Your Feet Or Sense That Your Home Is Running You, Instead Of The Other Way Around, Come Discover How To Create A Space That Doesn T Have To Be Showroom Perfect To Be Perfect For You And The People You Love

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    I have been a Kathi Lipp reader since 2012 but it was the precursor to this book, Clutter Free, that changed my life In that book, I learned my problem wasn t housekeeping, it was the emotions that kept me tied to stuff that I didn t love, use or really even want.Fast forward to now, and I am proud to say I was chosen to co lead the manuscript deve

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    I m a piles girl I dont want to be, but I am I find myself often drawn to books about how to eliminate those piles My home is rather clean but there is always clutter I have found recently that the clutter has a direct impact on my mood I decided to give this book a read in hopes to gain new insight on eliminating clutter While I dont feel that there was any

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    I purchased a goal setting planner at the beginning of the year, and one of the habits I decided to instill was to dedicate 15 minutes a day to eliminating clutter from my life, beginning with my home Imagine my surprise when I began reading The Clutter Free Home, and author Kathi Lipp was sharing her plan to declutter the home Part of this plan was to spend fifteen m

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    Clutter always is a kind of problem to me I have that bit of executive disfunction where I see all the clutters, but cannot seem to wrap my head around decluttering If I come across a book that tells it will help me, I pick it up It s a thing.So, I saw this book on Negalley, and as you can imagine, I had to read it Again, as you can imagine, I have read quite a lot of declutter

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    This book was an eye opener for me None of the information the author includes is groundbreaking or new, but the way she pieces it together is unique It is a wake up call In the first part of her book, she gives you her method for decluttering your home broken into 4 steps and executed in manageable 15 minute bursts a day along with a once per week 60 minute focused period in your room o

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    I liked this book, even though it s not very different from a hundred other decluttering books out there I can t say it s my favorite I think my three favorites are don t hate on me The Magic of Tidying Up, the old classic Sidetracked Home Executives that inspired FlyLady keep in mind that it was originally published in 1977 and is a bit dated and needs work but come on, it inspired FlyLady , and

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    If you have clutter in your life, this book is what you need Make your home so that it serves you not you serving it, love this quote from the book I have had clutter all my life and believe this book is what I have needed but never had Kathi shows us how to dedicate our spaces and create areas we can love to have as part of our lives This book is a great read Can t wait to put these great ideas to work and

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    THE CLUTTER FREE HOMEBY KATHI LIPPThere are a large quantity of books on the market and are being published about organizational skills and decluttering our homes From Martha Stewart to Maria Kondo it seems everybody has their hat to throw in the ring about what makes a lifetime of accumulated stuff to our most sentimental pieces that we would never part with One thing we can all agree on is although we might like th

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    Kathi Lipp figured out a way not only to get rid of clutter without becoming a minimalist , but also to make sure her home stays uncluttered Introduction, p 8 In The Clutter Free Home Making Room for Your Life, Kathi Lipp tells how she achieved the state of Clutter Free and shares her methods of decluttering, reclaiming, and celebrating every space of the home Introduction, p.10.As someone who struggles with cluttering and chr

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    If you re like me, these types of books appeal to you I keep thinking, if I just find the right book, it will help me with all my mess Well No book will do the work FOR you an unfortunate truth , but this one really breaks down not only how to declutter your home and your stuff, but also gets into the psychology behind why we get cluttered in the first place Kathi s writing style is refreshingly real, like she is a friend sitting next t

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