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The Better Liar I loved this book Wow All the stars for this fantastic debut This book puts the W in WTF I mean this is one twisted domestic thriller Honestly one of my favorite books I have read this year.Your sister Robin has been missing for 10 years She ran away from home when she was 16 and is now living in Las Vegas Leslie is the good sister staying with her ailing father until he passes away Catering to his every need as your sister Robin is in sin city doing god knows what You also find the time to care for your family Then your father springs it to you on his deathbed that his money will be split between you and Robin The kicker is Robin has to come back home to claim the money or neither of you can claim your half No problem, Leslie packs her bags, heads to Vegas She finally locates Robin, but Robin is dead While staring down at Robin s dead body rotting away in a rental home in Las Vegas Leslie decides to walk away She leaves her sister to rot in Las Vegas with her identity basically being a Jane Doe as she was not going by her true name after she left home Then she finds someone to pretend they are her sister to claim the money.now that is some sisterly love right there WowI am going to leave that right there You could have gotten that from the book blurb and I don t want to spoil anything This one is best to go in blind because hang on to your hats peoplethis book was one I couldn t put down I loved this dark, twisted thriller right from the start I mean, think how disturbing it is that someone could leave their sister in another state and not report them dead Left her there to rotaloneIt only gets twisted from there Thank you so much to Random House Publising Ballantine for this fantastic ARC. When A Woman Conceals Her Sister S Death To Claim Their Joint Inheritance, Her Deception Exposes A Web Of Dangerous Secrets In This Addictive New Thriller For Fans Of Megan Abbott, Gillian Flynn, And Paula Hawkins Like Most Of The Dead, I Want To Be Remembered Robin Voigt Is Dead If Her Sister Leslie Had Arrived At Her Cramped Las Vegas Apartment Just Hours Earlier, This Would Have Been Their First Reunion In A Decade In The Years Since Robin Ran Away From Home As A Teenager, Leslie Has Stayed In New Mexico, Taking Care Of Their Dying Father, Even As She Began Building A Family Of Her Own But When Their Father Passed Away, Leslie Received A Rude Awakening She And Robin Would Receive The Inheritance He Left Them Together Or Not At All Now Her Half Of The Money May Be Beyond Her Grasp And Unbeknownst To Anyone, Even Her Husband, Leslie Needs It DesperatelyWhen She Meets A Charismatic Young Woman Who Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To Robin And Has Every Reason To Leave Her Past Behind The Two Make A Reckless Bargain Mary Will Impersonate Robin For A Week In Exchange For Robin S Half Of The Cash But Neither Realizes How High The Stakes Will Be When Mary Takes A Dead Woman S Name Even As Mary Begins To Suspect Leslie Is Hiding Something, And Leslie Realizes The Stranger Living In Her House, Babysitting Her Newborn Son, And Charming Her Husband Has Secrets Of Her Own, Robin S Wild, Troubled Legacy Threatens To Eclipse Them BothAn Electric, Twisted Portrait Of Sisterhood And The Ties That Bind, The Better Liar Is A Stunning Debut With A Heart Stopping, Twist After Twist Finale That Will Beg The Question How Far Would You Go To Get What S Yours Did I stay up half the night last because I was unable to put this down Yes Do I regret it Nope Would I read any book that Kim It s All About The Thrill recommends to me Yes Follow her, friend her, and follow her blogshe s awesome This book is full of twists, turns, red herrings and misdirection and even as I was able to work out the biggest one there was still so much to gasp over as this awesome story climbed and climbed to it s satisfying conclusion.Thank you to Tanen Jones, Random House Publishing Group Ballantine, and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review NO SPOILERSThis is a great book to go in blind Names change like a revolving cake walk Leslie meets Mary in Vegas Leslie brings Mary home to Albuquerque.Mary becomes Robin Leslie s pretend sister whom she hadn t seen in 10 years until finding her dead from overdose Mary who is pretending she is Robin, still pretending to be Leslie s sister meets Billy and tells him her name is Alice.Alice s name might change again Names that aren t revolving are Leslie is Leslie Floreses Dave is Dave FloresesElie is Elie Floreses Leslie and Dave s baby Nancy is Nancy community friend and police officer Elaine is Elaine a single mother with two kids Billy is Billy a guy in the night Sam is SamPaul is Paul ex boyfriends of sorts Confused yet GREAT The reader gets the treat of unraveling this enigma This story keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.Questions questions and questions run through the readers mind This jigsaw puzzle debut novel pushes the edges with clever crafting Tanen Jones has an almost uncanny ability to get into the heads of the charactersand the heads of her readers Tanen knows what we re thinking and trying to figure out Our talented debut author is many steps ahead of us Definitely not a predictable ending This psychological page turning thrillerbecomes a deeper in depth look at serious issues worthy of discussions after the ending This is truly one of those books where the focus of your thinking has shifted 180 by the end.Awesome read Thank You Ballantine Books, Netgalley, and Tanen Jones I m a new fan and can t wait for your next book 3.5 STARS Two sisters entangled in a web of lies and hidden agendas The debut of an author that I will surely keep an eye on An intriguing premise about estranged sisters, Leslie and Robin Their father has recently died and Leslie can t collect on the estate until she tracks down sister Robin.The first half of the book had me on the edge as Leslie hit road blocks, curves and full blown speed bumps as she searched Las Vegas to find Robin What happened was just, wowThe next half was close to being too twisty for me how is that possible One narrative didn t really work for me, but overall this was a great psychological thriller with a stand out twist that got me Thanks to NG Pub for my review copyOUT January 14, 2020 Icy Cold Game of Cat and Mouse One desperate woman lures another into impersonating her dead sister in order to receive her inheritance Leslie takes a trip to Vegas to bring her sister home to Alburquerque Sadly, she discovers her sister, Robin, is dead When she bumps into a woman named Mary who bears an uncanny resemblance to Robin, she coaxes her into coming to Alburqueue to impersonate Robin With the promise of collecting Robin s half of the inheritance, Mary decides to come along for the ride But Leslie is keeping a big secret And Mary is keeping in an even bigger one One will discover what the other has been hiding, leading to a shocking revelation.Narrated by Leslie, Robin, and Mary, this was a bit of an uneven ride for me I had a hard time caring about Leslie s character her voice was flat and I didn t really care much about her There was a reason for this I think , but it didn t work for me Robin is in the background and has an interesting story Then there is Mary, and her voice is intriguing Her character saved this book for me.This is an easy read, but I was bored for about the first 60% I kept reading because I was curious about the characters hidden agendas and was looking forward to the revealThe plot is ruled by twists They do serve a purpose, although the believability scale is low I figured out very early on one of the main twists, but that didn t bother me However, nothing much happens for some time Reflections on childhood, family introductions, sitting around smoking and reflecting takes up a good portion of the plot It felt like filler in an attempt to drag out the big reveal The second big twist irked me view spoiler incorporating serious mental illness into a domestic thriller just doesn t work for me, especially when it leads one sister screwing over the other all in the name of seeking help hide spoiler Alive sister Leslie Dead sister Robin Fake sister Mary They all have a voice in this story What I loved most about this book is the feeling of unease that exudes from the pages especially as there isn t really much happening at all BUT you just know that something explosive is going to happen One or of these ladies is unreliable One or of these ladies is lying It all becomes such a tangled web and to watch it unravel was very satisfying Kudo s to the author for writing a husband that was kind and supportive I just adored him so much The banter between him and Leslie was adorable and authentic and it reminded me a bit of me and my husband The final conclusion and twist did require some suspension of disbelief for me but I happily did it because the ride getting there was compelling as all get out I m keeping my eye on you Tanen Jones 4 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for providing me a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review. and the Oscar goes to Mary, for her winning performance, skilful chameleon like adoption of personas at the drop of a hat, her methods of acquiring and using information to her advantage, her resourcefulness, her survival, her mirror faced beauty, her intelligence and disingenuousness You snooze, you lose Leslie, you caught a tiger by the tail So, what s that all about Leslie s sister Robin ran away from home twelve years ago In order to secure an inheritance from their father both girls need to present themselves to a law firm so Robin needs to be found Leslie tracks her down in Las Vegas but it s too late as Robin is dead By chance, Leslie meets Mary, a waitress, who bears a resemblance to Robin and a deal is struck Mary will impersonate Robin What follows is twist upon twist, secrets piling in top of lies, fear, shocks and traps in a gripping and intriguing thriller The story is told in alternate storylines from Leslie, Mary and Robin and this flows extremely well This is a really enjoyable read which keeps you guessing and the intrigue throughout Though I did work out one of the twists that in no way spoils the unfolding drama Though not necessarily all likeable, the characters are are well crafted Leslie is disconnected at times, she lies but you realise that both sisters have been riddled with secrets that are burdensome Mary is likeable but she devious There is a lot of tension, fear, surprises and plenty of things that you don t see coming Revelation builds on top of revelation about Leslie, about Dave who is Leslie s husband, about Robin and Mary and you are just recovering from one when the next one blindsides you The dynamic between Leslie and Dave, Leslie and Mary is fascinating and some of it creates a really brooding atmosphere which I especially like The end is excellent and certainly not what I expected Overall, a very impressive debut novel, cleverly written so you keep being surprised, it s tense, intense, twisty and dark Many thanks to NetGalley and Random House UK, Vintage Publishing for the ARC. The Better Liar was a book that I went into with high expectations after hearing so many great things about it For that reason it was bumped up my to be read list and I am really glad that I did This book was clever, twisty and addictive Definitely a just one chapter book I really wanted to see how it was all going to play out and the ending was brilliant This book will be big in 2020.Leslie and Robin are sisters, who have not seen or spoken to each other for than 10 years But their father has just passed away and his will states that both girls must meet with the lawyer in order to get their inheritance Leslie manages to track Robin down in Vegas but when she gets there her sister is dead She meets Mary, a struggling actress and the pair drown their sorrows together It is then that Mary is offered the role of a lifetime with a payout that will change her life the part of Robin Can the girls pull this off They are so different and the lies start to be unearthed The twists that this book takes are fantastic and had me wanting.Thanks to Random House UK, Vintage Publishing and.Netgalley for y advanced copy of this book to read All opinions are my own and are in no way biased Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI would not put Tanen Jones on par with Gillian Flynn, but I will admit that there is definite appeal there for that audience if the reader is inclined to be forgiving THE BETTER LIAR is a debut novel, and with comparisons to authors such as Megan Abbott and Gillian Flynn in the blurb, seems to be setting itself to some pretty high standards, which can sometimes lead to disappointment I personally thought the story was reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith, but I get why they went with Flynn Flynn sells copies than Highsmith these days, and that s what publishers want Warm bodies, reading their twisted mysteries about cold ones.THE BETTER LIAR is about a woman named Leslie who came from a troubled and dysfunctional family She has just found out that her young sister, Robin, is dead, but cannot claim her inheritance without her sister there beside her to claim it in tandem Luckily, she meets and ends up becoming friendly with a woman named Mary who could be a deadringer for her sister a younger, healthier, less crazy version of her sister, that is.The two women work together to hammer out the scam, and Mary comes home with Leslie to meet her perfect husband and perfect child, but as Mary becomes involved with the life that Robin left behind, Leslie soon realizes that her little plan might not have been as clever as she thought Especially when old, dark secrets long buried rise back up to the light.I can t say much about the book than that without MAJOR SPOILERS but there are definitely Highsmith vibes vibes from multiple books of hers, not just a single one, including, perhaps THE PRICE OF SALT Honestly, this is probably the type of book where you re better off going in cold The suspense was well done and I thought the writing was great The book just fell apart a little bit in the last act, with an ending that I frankly found very confusing and abrupt There was one really good twist but I personally didn t feel like the author did as much with it as she could.If you re a fan of mysteries featuring dysfunctional heroines and family secrets, THE BETTER LIAR is a great book Just don t go into it expecting the next Gillian Flynn It s a well crafted mystery and would probably make for a great movie or TV show, but the plotting is not quite on that level yet Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3.5 to 4 stars

About the Author: Tanen Jones

Tanen Jones grew up in Texas and North Carolina She has a degree in American history and spent several years editing law and criminal justice textbooks A queer author, she writes from the perspective of women who are also queer Her work is a modern take on the genre, exploring what makes a woman mad, bad, or dangerous to know She now lives in New York with her partner, where she writes from

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