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Hide Away From The Bestselling Author Of The Henry Parker Series Comes A Page Turning Thriller About A Vigilante Who S Desperate To Protect Her Secrets And Bring A Killer To Justice On The Surface, Rachel Marin Is An Ordinary Single Mother On The Inside, She S A Fierce, Brilliant Vigilante After An Unspeakable Crime Shatters Her Life, She Changes Her Identity And Moves To A Small Town In Illinois, Hoping To Spare Her Children From Further Trauma Or Worse But Crime Follows Her EverywhereWhen The Former Mayor Winds Up Dead, Rachel Can T Help But Get Involved Where Local Detectives See Suicide, She Sees Murder They Resent Her For Butting In Especially Since She S Always One Step Ahead But Her Investigative Genius May Be Her Undoing The Deeper She Digs, The Harder It Is To Keep Her Own Secrets BuriedHer Persistence Makes Her The Target Of Both The Cops And A Killer Meanwhile, The Terrifying Truth About Her Past Threatens To Come To Light, And Rachel Learns The Hard Way That She Can T Trust Anyone Surrounded By Danger, She Must Keep Her Steely Resolve, Protect Her Family, And Stay One Step Ahead, Or Else She May Become The Next Victim

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    Q What do you have against the police The same thing I have against genital herpes c Q You re totally unhinged, Ms Marin I never claimed to be fully hinged c Q Let me ask you a question, Ms Marin Do you go looking for trouble on a daily basis c The Sherlock vibe is a bit hard to miss A good thing that I liked ACD when I was a kid Wackadoo.Q You need my money like I need a submarine c Q Sometimes behind th

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    Rachel Marin may look like a quiet mom, but she s fierce and on the hunt to make things right She is a victim of a horrible crime, which leads her to change her name and move to a small town She s trying her best to protect her children.The former mayor of her new town is found dead, and Rachel gets involved to help She sees a murder where the cause of death was ruled a suicide The police resent her involvement, mo

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    Hide Away is probably the bestPrime First Read choice I ve ever made It was an easy decision, because I ve read previous books by Jason Pinter and enjoyed them.This is his best book yet It s full of action, the mystery is excellent, and it s well written But it s primarily a character driven tale There are no cardboard characters or stereotypes here The protagonist, Rachel Marin, is unique I ve never come across a heroine q

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    Rachel Marin is a single mom with children Eric and Megan who is trying to escape her past and make a new start in Ashby, Illinois When the disgraced former Mayor s body is found laying on top of a frozen river, appearing to be suicide, Rachel knows that it was murder.What follows is a fast paced thriller where Rachel puts her life on the line to find out the truth, much to the ire of Detectives Serrano and Talley The detectives can t

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    Check out all of my reviews at AWAY Rachel Marin Thriller Book 1 by Jason Pinter is the start of a new thriller series featuring a single mother turned vigilante that had me so engrossed I could not put it down Rachel Marin is a compelling new main character and I cannot wait forbooks in this series After an unspeakable crime shatters a mother and her small children s lives, she changes their identities and moves from the east coast to a small

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    There s been a theme in many thrillers over the past few years especially if the main character is a woman where she s delusional and helpless and frankly, I m beyond sick of reading books with these pathetic women This book had none of that nonsense, Rachel is the polar opposite of a weak woman, she s the kind of kickass character that you can not only root for, you can respect her and I couldn t get enough of her sheer grit and determination.I was plea

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    The first few chapters were confusing But then, the story exploded and moved at rocket pace to the surprising end Every character was well developed I look forward to other books in this series.

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    A pretty readable thriller that falls apart once you start thinking about it.The plot was decent but the reveals were very anticlimactic and many decisions made by characters were unbelievable I was disappointed to read how the bad guy just confessed everything to the protagonist before trying to kill her, I thought we were past that cliche My biggest problem was not being able to connect or even like the main character Rachel She was not a good person She constantly said h

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Marla WarrenJason Pinter brings us a new hero in the form of Rachel Marin and she is a powerhouse just like his new thriller, Hide Away From victim to vigilante, Hide Away takes the reader on a deep dive into the world of Rachel Marin, and it is deep indeed Using flashbacks and slowly filling in the gaps as he goes, Pinter has written an engrossing thriller that is incredibly hard to put down.The book opens with Rachel making dinner fo

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    I selected Hide Away as myFirst Reads selection, but to be honest I wasn t 100% drawn to any of the options this month and almost didn t select one Ultimately, I liked the idea of a police procedural type of mystery and chose this one.My ultimate fear was that the story would drag or that I would feel obligated to finish a book that didn t really interest me Thankfully, this wasn t the case I found myself so entranced by it that I would mean to read only a chapter and then several cha I select

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