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When She Was Good From The Bestselling Author Of The Secrets She Keeps And Good Girl, Bad Girl Comes A New Thriller Featuring The Brilliant Forensic Psychologist Cyrus Haven As He Becomes Embroiled In An Explosive Murder Case With Disturbing OriginsCriminal Psychologist Cyrus Haven And Evie Cormac Return In This Mesmerizing New Thriller From Internationally Bestselling Author Michael Robotham, A Writer Stephen King Calls An Absolute Masterwith Heart And Soul Who Is Evie, The Girl With No Past, Running From She Was Discovered Hiding In A Secret Room In The Aftermath Of A Terrible Crime Her Ability To Tell When Someone Is Lying Helped Cyrus Crack An Impenetrable Case In Good Girl, Bad Girl Now, The Closer Cyrus Gets To Uncovering Answers About Evie S Dark History, The He Exposes Evie To Danger, Giving Her No Choice But To Run Ultimately, Both Will Have To Decide If Some Secrets Are Better Left Buried And Some Monsters Should Never Be Named

About the Author: Michael Robotham

Edgar finalist and Gold Dagger winning author, Michael Robotham was born in Australia in November 1960 and grew up in small country towns that haddogs than people andflies than dogs He escaped in 1979 and became a cadet journalist on an afternoon newspaper in Sydney.For the next fourteen years he worked for newspapers in Australia, Europe, Africa and America As a senior feature writer for the UK s Mail on Sunday he was among the first people to view the letters and diaries of Czar Nicholas II and his wife Empress Alexandra, unearthed in the Moscow State Archives in 1991 He also gained access to Stalin s Hitler files, which had been missing for nearly fifty years until a cleaner stumbled upon a cardboard box that had been misplaced and misfiled.In 1993 he quit journalism to become a ghostwriter, collaborating with politicians, pop stars, psychologists, adventurers and showbusiness personalities to write their autobiographies Twelve of these non fiction titles have been bestsellers with combined sales ofthan 2 million copies.His first novel THE SUSPECT , a psychological thriller, was chosen by the world s largest consortium of book clubs as only the fifth International Book of the Month , making it the top recommendation to 28 million book club members in fifteen countries It has been translated into twenty two, including some he s barely heard of.His second novel THE DROWNING MAN first published as LOST won the Ned Kelly Award for the Crime Novel of the Year in 2005, given by the Australian Crime Writers Association It was also shortlisted for the 2006 Barry Award for the BEST BRITISH NOVEL published in the US in 2005.Michael s subsequent novels THE NIGHT FERRY and SHATTER were both shortlisted for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger in the UK in 2007 and 2008 SHATTER went on to win the 2008 Ned Kelly Award for Australia s best crime novel and was also shortlisted in the inaugural ITV3 Thriller Awards and for South Africa s Boeke Prize SAY YOU RE SORRY was shortlisted for the 2013 Gold Dagger by the CWA judges and his stand alone novel LIFE OR DEATH won the 2015 CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year.His latest book GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL is the beginning of a new series featuring psychologist Cyrus Haven and troubled teenager Evie Cormac Michael writes in what his daughters refer to as his cabana of cruelty on Sydney s northern beaches where he slaves away daily to cater to their every expensive whim Where is the justice

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    There is no such thing as forgetting 3.75 stars When She Was Good is a psychological thriller about a murder dressed as suicide that connects back to a child sex trafficking ring and the forensic psychologist and truth wizard linked to the case.I wouldn t recommend reading this book if you have not read book 1, Good Girl, Bad Girl.Book 2 picks up several months later Cyrus has rebuilt his home, whereas Evie is back in the Langford

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    I might not be earmarking Michael Robotham s latest addition to the Cyrus Haven series as a favorite, but readers who enjoyed Good Girl, Bad Girl might From what I surmised from the synopsis of the previous book and the limited backstory of the characters given within these pages, When She Was Good is a tried and true continuation of Good Girl, Bad Girl Which I would have been completely fine with, had I not overlooked that fact or actuall

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    Yes, another mind blowing, heart throbbing, gripping Cyrus Haven and Evie story is finally out to keep you on your toes I m so happy, dear Michael Robotham didn t wait us too long after introduced one of the mysterious, brilliant character Evie with dark and hidden past After the first book s ending , I wanted to knowabout her story and my prayer came true because at the second book, Cyrus teams up with Sasha who has found Evie when she was kid ra

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    When I finished Good Girl, Bad Girl, book 1 featuring forensic psychologist, Cyrus Haven, and mysterious Evie Cormac, I hated to have to wait forThe story wasn t finished and now with When She Was Good, we learn so muchabout Evie and what happened to her in the past The story is not pretty and Evie is not safe At the beginning of the book, Evie is back at Langford Hall, a secure unit for children, and Cyrus has been called to the scene of a suspected suic

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    This is a brilliant sequel in Michael Robotham s police criminal psychologist Cyrus Haven series, a man seriously traumatised by the murder and loss of his family, plagued with survivor s guilt, who continues to visit his brother,Elias, incarcerated at Rampton,a high security psychiatric hospital, housing many of the most dangerous patients in the country Evie Angel Face Cormac, discovered hidden in the home of the gruesomely murdered Terry Boland as a child, is

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    Book 2 with a most unusual couple, Cyrus Evie does not disappoint The plot focuses on Evie s past, and although readers may have had some suspicions while reading Good Girl, Bad Girl, this time the truth is revealed Mr Robotham masterfully continues engaging a reader in the story and for me reading about Evie s background kept me reading well into the night Hence the fourth star The ideas behind it might seem improbable, however, sometimes the truth does surprise us The

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    In Good Girl, Bad Girl, Cyrus Haven was asked to determine Evie Cormac s mental health This sequel brings us further backstory about Evie or Angel Face as she was known when she was found hiding as an almost feral child She has a unique ability to see who is telling the truth I don t trust the truth The truth is a story The truth is a habit The truth is a compromise The truth is a dull edged knife The truth is a casualty The truth died long ago Cyrus and Evie still have a relati

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    AVAILABLE TODAY I rated Good Girl, Bad Girl 2.5 stars, then rounded up I enjoyed When She Was Good a bit so it s getting a 3.5 star rating, but I m rounding down I don t know, fellow readers There is just something about Cyrus I simply don t care for It was one of the big issues I had with the first novel as well Yes, he s a forensic psychologist, but he s not a cop and he really needs to stop acting like one He bops around, solving crimes, while the police force hovers stupidly AVAILAB

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    In the second of this dynamite series, forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven learnsabout Evie Cormac s dark and shocking past Her story reveals a dangerous and powerful network who will stop at nothing to silence Angel Face Evie should be safe as she s back at Langford Hall, a secure unit but her enemies prove to have a very long reach The story is told in alternating storylines by Cyrus and Evie First of all, I love the character development of Cyrus and Evie Cyrus really cares about E In the seco

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    This was so good I really recommend making sure to read book 1 Good Girl, Bad Girl first though otherwise you will miss out on so much.When She Was Good follows the story of Evie as she grows up in a supposedly secure children s home Cyrus is still visiting her but no progress has been made in finding outabout her background Events start to occur which eventually reach crisis point as Evie remembersandabout the past and the people in it.As the tension started to build I had This was so good I really re

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