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Cane River A New York Times Bestseller And Oprah S Book Club Pick The Unique And Deeply Moving Saga Of Four Generations Of African American Women Whose Journey From Slavery To Freedom Begins On A Creole Plantation In Louisiana.Beginning With Her Great Great Great Great Grandmother, A Slave Owned By A Creole Family, Lalita Tademy Chronicles Four Generations Of Strong, Determined Black Women As They Battle Injustice To Unite Their Family And Forge Success On Their Own Terms They Are Women Whose Lives Begin In Slavery, Who Weather The Civil War, And Who Grapple With Contradictions Of Emancipation, Jim Crow, And The Pre Civil Rights South As She Peels Back Layers Of Racial And Cultural Attitudes, Tademy Paints A Remarkable Picture Of Rural Louisiana And The Resilient Spirit Of One Unforgettable Family.There Is Elisabeth, Who Bears Both A Proud Legacy And The Yoke Of Bondage Her Youngest Daughter, Suzette, Who Is The First To Discover The Promise And Heartbreak Of Freedom Suzette S Strong Willed Daughter Philomene, Who Uses A Determination Born Of Tragedy To Reunite Her Family And Gain Unheard Of Economic Independence And Emily, Philomene S Spirited Daughter, Who Fights To Secure Her Children S Just Due And Preserve Their Dignity And Future.Meticulously Researched And Beautifully Written, Cane River Presents A Slice Of American History Never Before Seen In Such Piercing And Personal Detail.

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    One of the strongest parts of this book that stood out for me was the depth and breadth of the characters, particularly the women This novel is a fictional depiction of the author s own family tree for six generations exclusi

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    I should divulge that I formerly lived along Cane River the in town part and was given a free copy by our local National Park unit at a public symposium I started the book that night at bedtime, thinking I d read for an hour or s

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    What a gorgeous novel The key thing is, is that this novel was based on Lalita Tademy s own family history She calls it fiction, though, because she had to elaborate and add rich detail to the simple stories she had been told of her

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    If you are looking for historical fiction that focuses on the lives and struggles of African American women, I highly recommend picking up Cane River Lalita Tademy has turned her family story into a fictionalized account of three generat

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    I was a little cautious entering this book First off, it s an Oprah book choice and those are generally a bit on the depressing side Secondly, what I knew of the plot of the book was that it was about a family of women slaves during the Civi

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    A work of historical fiction focusing on the lives of 4 generations of women in Creole Louisiana, from the slave woman matriarch brought to Cane River from Virginia in 1820 to the early 20th century, with a brief epilogue in 1936 All but the fir

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    Cane River is an odd mix of fiction and non fiction, and I m not sure it entirely works It feels like trying to find the balance between the two constrains the narrative in ways that either one by itself would not As non fiction, it is limited by th

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    Really not good Which I knew by around page 5 But I read all 500 pages to the end, mostly because my next set of books from hadn t arrived yet Interesting story and concept, but the writing is just stinky It s definitely got the vibe of I quit my job a

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    I come from two long lines of strong women They survived the hard life of settling in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, the pain and loss of childbirth, disease, economic hardship, the Depression, the helplessness of dealing with alcoholism and many othe

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    Cane River is a wonderful novel, which I highly recommend I learned a lot about the slave plantation small farmer experience of Creole Louisiana Especially interesting are the details about the gens de couleur libre and the long line of interracial unio

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LALITA TADEMY left the corporate world to immerse herself in tracing her family s history and writing her first historical novel, CANE RIVER Her debut was selected by Oprah Winfrey as her summer book group pick in 2001.Lalita Tademy s second historical novel, RED RIVER is set during Reconstruction era Louisiana a time period and subject matter often summarily skimmed in our history books The sto