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Size Zero Condom Dresses And Space Helmets Have Debuted On Fashion RunwaysA Dead Body Becomes The Trend When A Coat Made Of Human Skin Saunters Down Fashion S Biggest Stage The Body Is Identified As Annabelle Leigh, The Teenager Who Famously Disappeared Over A Decade Ago From Her Boyfriend S New York City MansionThis New Evidence Casts Suspicion Back On The Former Boyfriend, Cecil LeClaire Now A Monk, He Is Forced To Return To His Dark And Absurd Childhood Home To Clear His Name He Teams Up With Ava Germaine, A Renegade Ex Model And Together, They Investigate The Depraved And Lawless Modeling Industry Behind Cecil S Family FortuneThey Find Erotic Canes, Pet Rats Living In Crystal Castles, And Dresses Made Of Crushed Butterfly Wings But Cecil Finds Truth In The Luxury Goods Than In The People Themselves Everyone He Meets Seems To Be Wearing A Person Suit Terrified Of Showing Their True Selves, The Glitterati Put On Flamboyant Public Personas To Make Money And Friends Can Cecil Find Truth In A World Built On Lies In High Fashion Modeling, Selling Bodies Is Organized Crime

About the Author: Abigail Mangin

Originally from Harrisburg, PA BFA from NYU Tisch Dramatic Writing, 2018 NYU Outstanding Writing for Television Award Feel free to reach out to me directly Would love to hear from you

10 thoughts on “Size Zero

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    I ve struggled greatly about how to properly phrase my review For this was, in my opinion, a disaster This is a new debut author I always love reading new authors and I want them to succeed Unfortunately, I can t say anything significant in support of this new ef

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    Thank you NetGalley for the ARC It started off very campy and fun, but ultimately lost steam about 1 3 of the way in It end up on the wrong side of magical and was outlandish The plot was hard to follow, it was written like it should ve been a movie It was supremely overw

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    This is an unusual crime novel, with a wonderfully exotic cast of characters It is set around the fashion industry, which hopefully is not quite as bad as it is painted in this novel If it is, it should be shut down tomorrow and everyone should take any suggestion that their daugh

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    This book is a scream In many ways First of all, it s not for everyone it s well suited for you if you enjoy social satire and think a corpse being modeled on the runway of New York Fashion Week is hilarious Guilty It also helps if you like monks who love Flashdance You ll also have to be

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    Disclaimer I read an ARC from Netgalley This in no way affected my review or opinion of the book Also, slight spoiler warning It has taken me much longer than usual to sit down and write this review for one simple reason I did NOT like this book I commend any author who has the stamina and courage

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    Weird and wonderful Trust me, you ve never read anything like this, and you probably never will This novel deals with some heavy, dark, important subjects Subjects which need light shown on them Subjects which will scatter when light is shown on them, like the rats they are, rats which dwell in the deepest

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    I was ecstatic when I found out I won an ARC on Goodreads The cover alone drew me in, just because it was very different Add that to the description, I knew this was going to be a wild entertaining ride The characters were just so outlandish, that you couldn t help but love them, despite their flaws I m definitely l

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    Once, when I was younger, I got a couple calls from a modeling agency in my hometown called PMS I didn t take them up on it, I thought it was a little strange Came out of nowhere Still, even though I had declined the offer it felt nice to have some place that supposedly recruited beautiful girls to tell me, a 13 year old wit

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    This book was really something else Thanks visage_ny abigailmangin for sending me a review copy Size Zero is a dark black satire about the modelling industry, but also sharply relevant and biting.Super overwritten, the plot bounces all over the place like a rubber ball and you want to stop reading it, but then you re dragged back in

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    When Ava Germaine stumbles out onto the runway in a coat made of human skin, people freak out and assume it s the body of Annabelle Leigh, a girl who went missing years before at the age of fourteen Fingers automatically point to Cecil LeClaire, son of the owner of the infamous LeClaire Modeling Management company, who was suspected of kidnap

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