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The Shadows of Foxworth Continuing The Events From Beneath The Attic And Out Of The Attic, The Prequel Trilogy To The Dollanganger Series Comes To A Riveting End With The Shadows Of Foxworth, A Passionate Novel About Corrine Foxworth S Intense Desire To Flee Her Overbearing Life Trapped In The Foxworth EstateTwo Generations Before Corinne Foxworth Locked Her Children In An Attic, The Life Of Her Grandmother, A Gorgeous Young Girl Named Corrine Dixon Changed Forever At Age Sixteen, She Discovered She Was Pregnant By The Wealthy And Handsome Garland Foxworth Now, Trapped In The Labyrinthine Foxworth Estate, Young Corrine Is Overwhelmed With Her Stifled Life And Domineering Husband When An Artist Is Hired To Paint Her Portrait, She Immediately Falls In Love And Is Convinced To Abandon This Dark World Forever, Unaware That Her Decision Could Have Far Reaching Consequences That Linger For Generations

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    Let s be fucking clear about one thing V.C Andrews had nothing to do with this She s been dead for over three decades 33 years as of this review and although these books may be printed with the blurb from the author of Flowers in the Attic or something similar, that blurb is n

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    STOP WRITING THIS GARBAGE It is okay to admit defeat Retire Go enjoy the view Stop writing these books.

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    This might be the worst book I have ever read or at least tied for last place Speaking as a writer, a literary critic, and an editor withthan 20 years of experience in bookselling and publishing, I feel confident saying that this book went straight from the author to the proofreader without an ed

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    Thank you to Netgalley, and Galley books for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I have been reading ALL V.C Andrews books since the beginning, they slowly went downhill after Ms Andrews passed Since I had such loyalty to her and her works I have kept reading, but I think it s time to let

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    I hadn t read the two previous Dollanganger books but didn t feel that I would need to, and I didn t feel lost.The problem is the writing is dull I couldn t get on board with the fact the pacing was slow, and that made it hard to want to continue reading I know that the books aren t written by Andrews, but this feel

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    I received a free copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads3 Stars Shadows of Foxworth is the eleventh installment of the Dollanganger series Can it be read as a standalone No, absolutely not The entire series must be read in order However, I m unsure if the reader would benefit from reading the original novels A

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    I know that this isn t V.C Andrews writing this book and I can t figure out why Andrew just didn t put it in his own name saying like based off of or something like that I m sure the fans would still love these books Yes, the writing style is a bit different but so what Doesn t mean I can t still enjoy it and trust me I loved every min

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    I have been reading V.C Andrews books since they first came out in November of 1979 I am proud to say that I own every single book that was put out in print There are a few that are only available in ebook form and those I have not read Virginia died a short while after starting her well known Dollanganger family series and a ghost writer named

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    I enjoyed this book the most out of these newest three Foxworth family books, but that s not saying much Marlena is a very naive and innocent character, a trope for most VC Andrews heroines daughters, which is annoying She took forever to finally gain some charisma and then the book ended There was no real twists in this book, anything that was supposed t

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    Review coming soon.

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