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The Atomic Bazaar: The Rise of the Nuclear Poor In His Shocking And Revelatory New Work, The Celebrated Journalist William Langewiesche Investigates The Burgeoning Global Threat Of Nuclear Weapons Production This Is The Story Of The Inexorable Drift Of Nuclear Weapons Technology From The Hands Of The Rich Into The Hands Of The Poor Asunstable And Undeveloped Nations Find Ways Of Acquiring The Ultimate Arms, The

About the Author: William Langewiesche

William Langewiesche is a journalist who has written for Vanity Fair and The Atlantic Monthly.

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    Langewische looks at nuclear proliferation with the eye of an expert He offers both good news and bad On the good news side is that it is indeed very difficult to craft a reliable nuclear bomb of the Hiroshima sort Dirty bombs are another thing, but he believes that the public fear of them far outweighs their potential for harm The NPT, or Nuclear Non proliferation Treaty is viewed as both a saving grace in the effectiveness it has had during the Cold War, and a problem today inasm

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    Gives a great perspective on how easy it could be for terrorists to get their hands on nuclear material from one of the former Soviet secret nuclear cities, where international efforts are now trying to warehouse the stuff A short, gripping book, very illuminating and hard to put down.

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    William Langewiesche s new book is a compelling mix of narrative reporting, profiles of striking individuals, and scenaric thinking about the contemporary nuclear proliferation His focus is on the mechanisms by which access to nuclear weapons technology is broadening, and what this broadening access means about the likelihood that terrorists will be able to launch a nuclear attack on a Western target The book focuses strictly on the threat of full blown nuclear bombs, disregarding the question W

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    This little book is packed with info interesting to me as a lay reader ie, all I know about nuclear science and nuclear proliferation is what I ve absorbed from occasional newspaper articles and it s accessibly written, too I see there s anreview that severely critiques Langewiesche s description of the science in the nuclear bombs that went off over Japan fair enough, I don t know enough about the subject to notice such errors My interest was in the details of how nuclear prolife This little book is p

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    In this sobering report, William Langewiesche formerly at The Atlantic Monthly and now at Vanity Fair asserts that there is no way to prevent Third World countries from obtaining nuclear weapons We can only accept the equalities of a maturing world in which many countries have acquired atomic bombs, and some may use them, he claims Critics praised Langewiesche s concise, clearheaded prose and rigorous investigation techniques However, they were disappointed that the previously published a In this sobering rep

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    The Atomic Bazaar is a short read, but highly informative Though, it would beaccurate to label it a biography of sorts regarding one Dr Abdul Q Khan, as the majority of the book deals with him In fact, one could go so far as to say AQ Khan is the foremost nuclear proliferator.It highlights that for a terrorist group to steal a whole bomb is implausible, but to steal enriched uranium is plausible From there, it would just be a matter of obtaining the hardware, which the egotistical Kha The Atomic Bazaar is a short re

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    I very rarely read non fiction policy books like this, much to the chagrin of my Georgetown government professors, I m surebut I REALLY LOVED another non fiction book by this author The Outlaw Sea read it read it so I figured I d give this one a try I definitely liked it and found it eminentlyreadable than most others of the genre maybe because he used to be a Vanity Fair reporter, he really knows how to make a topic accessible without dumbing it down too much His political I very rarely read non fiction policy books like

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    I find this book educational it gives enough historical details, so I highly recommend it to readers We can be educated about the real nature of nuclear weapons why it has been a hot issue among the powerful nations Having read this book, I had realization that as an Asian living in a developing country, there is reason to be scared of your neighbors Though I hate nuclear proliferation, I find it somehow reasonable that in the name of national security since declaring war between two coun I find this book educational it gives eno

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    The Atomic Bazaar dives into the main issues surrounding nuclear weapons Those issues are the primarily defensive nature of nuclear bombs unless someone is crazy enough to use one , the problem with nations that have bombs telling other nations they should not have them, as technology increases it will be harder to keep these weapons out of people hands, and how the threat of terrorism is amplified because of the amount of damage that one person could inflict This book also gives a short chr The Atomic Bazaar dives into the main issues

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    There is noscathing indictment of the callowness of the Bush administration.

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