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Bachs Story (Pets #1) Bach Never Gave Much Thought To Owning A Pet Until He Lost His Wife And Children He Goes To Exotics, Inc., And Buys A Human, The Latest Fad In The Pet Trade Pani Is Everything He Ever Hoped For Smart, Mischievous, Both Looking And Acting So Much Like A Real Child That Bach Can Almost Forget She S Only A Pet At Least Until Her Actions Begin To Go Beyond The Limits Of The Subspecies Intelligence Scientifically Accredited To The Human Animal She Speaks, She Writes When She Draws A Picture Of Earth S Solar System, Bach Must Face The Realization That Perhaps Humans Are Than Just Small, Adorable, Child Like Animals They Might Actually Be A Race Of People In Their Own Right.Note Of All The Ageplay Stories I Ve Done, This Has Been The Most Popular It Is Also Darker, With A Heavy Sci Fi Setting And The Discipline Is Severe In Regards To Spankings, Medical And Anal Play The Situation Is Forced Onto Pani At First, So If That Doesn T Appeal To You, Please Don T Buy This Book.

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