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The Essential Collection For Every Reader Intrigued By Manga, This Features The Most Exciting New Work In By The Brightest Young Talents In The Manga Field Comic Strip Stories And Characters Influenced Or Inspired By Japanese Anime And Manga, And Now Being Produced Worldwide This Newest Compilation Of Self Contained Manga In Every Genre Imaginable, And A Few Besides Contributors Include Award Winning Artists, As Well A Host Of New Talent, For A Fully Essential Collection The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga 3

About the Author: ILYA

Ed Hillyer, better known as ILYA, is a British comics writer artist His work has appeared in publications from all the major US and UK comics companies, from Fleetway Editions Crisis, Dark Horse s Manga Mania, Deadline magazine to work for DC Comics Vertigo imprint.

10 thoughts on “The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga 3

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    Top 3 MY Robot, Ed Ecchi, a Dream in Garden Also liked Kitsune Tales, Unity Rising July Tenth Last Shadows Cast The anthology is well put together with introductions to each story a brief author bio The stories are linked by style manga and not g

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    When I initially started this book about 5 or so years ago, I would go through and select stories to read at whim Realizing it s now or never, I sat down and read it, cover to cover I was able to better appreciate the variation of story presentation

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    I m kind of surprised by how cheap they used to sell this manga for 9.99, according to the cover , because it s in full colour and almost 450 pages.Of the 33 stories in this collection, my 10 favourites were, in the order they appear in the book Pilot

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    An assortment of styles and lengths of illustrated stories Some are in full color

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    With the idea of offering readers a varied taste of manga from around the world, this definitely does its job superbly As with all collections, there are those you like and those you don t I did enjoy reading a lot of them Favourites of course were Ed and Ec

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    This book made me decide I don t like Manga Some of the stories were OK Overall, however, I did not enjoy reading this book at all At least part of that is just personal preference I don t enjoy having to think too hard when I m reading something like this So w

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    This collection attempts to give readers a taste of a wide variety of manga comics from action and suspense to teen romances to cutesy animal cartoons As with any wide ranging collection, there were some I enjoyed a great deal and others I did not like at all.

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    I skimmed some of it overall i liked it but my favorite story was definitely the one about the two friends in college.

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    Some were great and some I just skimmed or skipped.

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    I honestly didn t think I ll like this as much as I just did I couldn t stop flipping over to the next page and the next and then the next once I started Haha

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