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He Calls Her Jasmine Lords Of Pleasure He Calls Her Jasmine By Ann Jacobs This Long Awaited Sequel To The Barbarian Brings Lord Giles Brother Rolfe An Enthusiastic Damsel To Rescue And Ravage, But She Knows Not Her Name Or From Whence She Came, Or Whether She Is Lady Or Serf The Lover Rolfe Calls Jasmine Enchants And Seduces Him Into Abandoning His Search For An Heiress Who Will Bring Him Wealth And Title But Will His Having Taken Her Cost Him His Life When She Turns Out To Be A Marriage Prize Beyond His Wildest Dreams Publisher S Note The Barbarian Is Not Published By Ellora S Cave For Information On How To Obtain This Sensual Prequel, Visit The Author S Website

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    This novella poses the burning question that has plagued mankind s deepest thinkers for millennia is it really a menage a trois if the third participant is a eunuch Said eunuch shows the heroine his empty crotch by way of reassuring her that no, she and hubby are not about to violate their wedding vows on their very wedding night because hey, his crotch is empty Up until that point this story was

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    Mostly explicit sex scenes I prefer a different type of erotic romance.This book consists of two stories set in 12th century England The characters have body piercings and use sex toys that one finds in current day stores But, one should not read these for plot, characters and historical accuracy These two stories are meant for readers who desire a lot of explicit, detailed sex scenes with no care for

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