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The Spook Who Sat by the Door A Classic In The Black Literary Tradition, The Spook Who Sat By The Door Is Both A Comment On The Civil Rights Problems In The United States In The Late 1960s And A Serious Attempt To Focus On The Issue Of Black Militancy.Dan Freeman, The Spook Who Sat By The Door, Is Enlisted In The CIA S Elitist Espionage Program Upon Mastering Agency Tactics, However, He Drops Out To Train Young Chicago Blacks As Freedom Fighters In This Explosive, Award Winning Novel.As A Story Of One Man S Reaction To Ruling Class Hypocrisy, The Book Is Autobiographical And Personal As A Tale Of A Man S Reaction To Oppression, It Is Universal. At first, I thought Spook was going to be a broad satire of racism in America in the 60 s, using caricatures as characters But then I realized it s only a broad satire for its enemies the white liberal do gooders, bourgeoisie black fakers and political hacks who remain cartoons throughout The rest is far fetched blue prints for Armageddon.The protagonist is a familiar character the cold, calculating, superiority driven mastermind who s an expert in martial arts, full of sexual virility, and a loner but a leader when push comes to shove in today s parlance, a one man sleeper cell He reminded me immediately of Ferric Jagger of Norman Spinrad s the Iron Dream, and I could easily imagine an alternate dimension blurb for this book Let science fiction virtuoso Malcolm X transport you to a far future Earth, where only Dan Freeman stands between the remnants of true black humanity and annihilation at the hands of the totally evil Whiteys and the mindless hordes they completely control In the final analysis, and as action and violence escalated, Spook became indisting Probably one of the best books I have read in so long from start to finish it was the bomb, and what gets me is that Urban Fiction is hailed as this and that, but I am positive that if they got a hold of THIS book, they d change their minds quick on what is good or not But back to the book this book was published in 1969 by a brother who had similar experiences Somehow, the book was made into a movie, which I also own and I had watched first before reading the book anyhow, you have a congressman whose voting numbers is quite low especially in the negro quarters To boost them up, they come up with a query then expose on the CIA not having negro officers within their ranks and the CIA in turn decide to recruit a set of young men to go through but make it hard for them NOT to pass it and the games are on They truly expected NONE to pass but one young man by the name of Dan Freeman DOES pass it and even pass by those who considers themselves of the black bourgeois class since he himself is not He is an ex marine of the Korean War and is looking for something better but underneath there is a serious agenda of Freeman s and that is to help his fellow brothers s get over on whitey in his own game Well, Freeman to the surprise of all, is the only one to pass and is in charge of reproduction and copying Once they realize his value, they move him up the ranks and i the revolution will not be televised. Damn, but this was good and hell of enjoyable It moves fast, it s got that pulp feel where you always know the color of the whiskey label and the size of the man s lapels It made me think of Gil Scott Heron s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and this is a tale of revolution pure and simple, taking everything positive in the biggest baddest gangs and turning them into a force for a racist government to reckon with For just a taste of the prose Drop those names doctors I have known, lawyers, judges, businessmen, dentists, politicians, and Great Negro Leaders I have known Drop those brand names GE, Magnavox, For, GM, Chrysler, Zenith, Brooks Brothers, Floorsheim, Johnny Walker, Chivas Regal, Jack Daniels Imported Beer, Dupont carpeting, wall to wall Wall to wall drags with split level minds, remote control color TV soulds and credit card hearts.Play who do you know and who have you screwed Blow your bourgeois blues, your nigger soul sold for a mess of materialistic pottage You have a This book was exceptional because of the underlying humanity detailed by the main character, Freeman The author paints a very real dividing line between the desire to be accepted in the social norms of America and the desire to embrace one s own cultural and racial background This particular story is about an African American man that seeks to get into the system and learn America s political and military points of view in order to turn that against the status quo This story plays on the fears of upper class america and the idea that the urban and inner cities will rise up against economic limitations to rebel against the government This is relevant even today as we face the fear of a declining middle class The middle class glues society together and creates the stability needed to keep the system going Regardless of race this book reminds us all what society is like when it is harshly divided Saw the movie years ago this book does not disappoint I m halfway through am thinking about how interesting it is in conversation with Django Unchained, the current political climate, and the bad ass protagonist cannon Can t wait to talk to someone about this book Can t wait to sta Sam Greenlee s scope is amazing I am still trying to figure out how he got this published in the 60 s. The Spook Who Sat by the Door tells the story of Dan Freeman, an intelligent and naturally athletic man from the ghetto who becomes the first black CIA agent, then resigns and returns home to Chicago to work with what would now be called at risk youth To his white bosses and funders, he appears to be tame and eager to please meanwhile, he is actually training street gangs to become a revolutionary insurgency, which launches during race riots near the end of the book As a middle class white male, born the month the book was published, I m not in the target audience for this book but it was listed in Sacred Fire The Qbr 100 Essential Black Books, and I d never heard of it and it sounded interesting As a work of art, the book suffers some of the same flaws as such other ideological novels as Ayn Rand s Atlas Shrugged The writing entirely lacks nuance the villains are cardboard cutouts In Spook, every time a white character has a chance to say something obtuse, racist, and patronizing, he does With one exception, black characters who have a view about race and racism that differs from Freeman s are made to look pathetic as well Meanwhile, the hero is a virtual superman, brighter, skilled, stronger, and a better lover than any of his opponents or rivals That s not necessarily uncommon in the thriller genre, but it does work against any claim the book makes to depict the world as it is At the same This is one of my favorite books I read it at an impressionable age and in many ways tried to emulate the protagonist Now I m trying to emulate the author

About the Author: Sam Greenlee

Elder Sam Greenlee is an African American writer of novels, screeplays, stage plays, and poems He has been a social activist since the age of 15.His first well known and most controversal novel was The Spook Who Sat by the Door published in 1968 He also co wrote the screeplay adaption of the novel The film was released in 1973 In 1990 Greenlee was the Illinois poet laureate.

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