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Mommy's Little Girl 2 24 10 just finished I must say, Diane Fanning did a wonderful job in her writing of this book She was very thorough, very factual, and covered the case from every possible angle The majority of the book comes verbatim from transcripts of text messages, emails, police interviews, media interviews, jail visits between Casey and her family, and other documented sources Fanning explores Casey s movements and possible state of mind from times shortly before Caylee went missing up until Casey was charged with her murder The points of view of Casey s friends, boyfriends, family, and law enforcement are all shown within the book, so that you get a really good overall picture of the events that occurred R.I.P little Caylee 2 21 10 just started the book I wasn t sure what to expect from this book I worried it would be tediously repititious after all the media coverage , but so far so good I go into it feeling like I already know almost everything there is to know about this case, as I ve followed it closely throughout the past year and a half I ve watched and read almost everything that s been put out there Yet it is still interesting to read the book as the author recounts all of Casey s lies and manipulations It astounds me that someone can repeatedly tell such far out tales without so much as blinking an eye, expecting everyone around her to believe these crazy things she makes up I don t get it, and perhaps that s one of the re For me, the Casey Anthony case started out as an interest after watching Nancy Grace 3 years ago, then I became tired of it after intense media coverage As the trial began, I had little to no interest in watching it, save the closing arguments and verdict, and that s when it became an obsession I m still watching coverage of it, waiting for the next big plot twist It s like a greek drama unfolding in real life on television As I m the type of person who likes to be well rounded when it comes to big news stories like this, I had to read the book in addition to watching the coverage This book is about 2 years old, so obviously the new stuff isn t included, but it gave a nice background on the case, as well as new details I didn t know about Written as mainly transcripts of the jail conversations police statements, Mommy s Little Girl is a tale of lies, tragedy, lies, murder, lies, a broken family, an outraged country, as yes, lies At the center of it A carnival of bright lights, loud voices, and the public s ceaseless appetite for entertainment is how author Diane Fanning encapsulates the ongoing Caylee Anthony murder case.And she has written a book about it, published some eight months before the earliest possible trial date for accused murderer Casey Anthony, the two year old child s mother Mommy s Little Girl is one of the numerous carnie barkers to take aim at the infamous case out of Florida.Summer of 2008, the United States was subjected to the tale of a young mother who after waiting some thirty one days before reporting her two year old daughter missing to police authorities announced that her loyal babysitter had stolen her child away from her For reasons never made clear, Casey Anthony alleged to have gone through other sources to try to find her instead Without explicitly stating the reason behind having done so, her family was led to believe that perhaps Caylee s life would be endangered should Casey have chosen to gone the traditional route of informing law enforcement of the missing child.Shortly afterward, the influx of information began 911 tapes were released to the public, as were the audio and transcripts of Casey s conversations with her family from jail presumed, apparently, to be private up until their release , and sources began to When news broke of three year old Caylee Anthony s disappearance from her home in Florida in July 2008, there was a huge outpouring of sympathy across the nation The search for Caylee made front page headlines But there was one huge question mark hanging over the case the girl s mother Why did Casey Anthony wait one full month before reporting her daughter missing Why were searches on chloroform and missing children found on her computer Why did she go out partying with friends less than one week after Caylee disappeared As the investigation continued and suspicions mounted, Casey became the prime suspect In October, based on new evidence against Casey her erratic behavior and lies, her car that showed signs of human decomposition a grand jury indicted the young single mother Then, two months later, police found Caylee s remains a quarter of a mile away from the Anthony home Casey pled not guilty to charges of murder in the first degree, and she continues to protest her innocence Did she or didn t she kill Caylee Th I am forever amazed that Casey Anthony isn t rotting away in jail at this very moment She committed the worst crime that any mother can commit and she got away with it I ve watched countless of documentaries about this case so I knew how it would end This book finishes before Casey goes on trail so it doesn t give any I picked this book b c I enjoy true crime and a good friend had recommended it It is an captivating and quick read I could of read this all in one day Its also my opinion that Diane Fanning is an excellent true crime writer I have read several of her books I think she did a wonderful job writing this I found Fanning to be very reliable and she seemed to cover as many angles as possible This books does include transcripts of text messages, emails, police media interviews, jail visits btwn Casey and her family, etc Fanning also explores some of Casey s behaviors when she was much younger as well as Casey s movements and possible state of mind from times shortly before Caylee went missing up until Casey was charged with her murder was also explored The points of view of Casey s friends, boyfriends, family, and law enforcement are all shown within the book, so you will get a really good overall picture of the events that occurred Al Please Note This Ebook Does Not Contain The Photos Found In The Print Edition Of This TitleWhen News Broke Of Three Year Old Caylee Anthony S Disappearance From Her Home In Florida In July 2008, There Was A Huge Outpouring Of Sympathy Across The Nation The Search For Caylee Made Front Page Headlines But There Was One Huge Question Mark Hanging Over The Case The Girl S Mother As The Investigation Continued And Suspicions Mounted, Casey Became The Prime Suspect In October, Based On New Evidence Against Casey Her Erratic Behavior And Lies, Her Car That Showed Signs Of Human Decomposition A Grand Jury Indicted The Young Single Mother Then, Two Months Later, Police Found Caylee S Remains A Quarter Of A Mile Away From The Anthony Home Casey Pled Not Guilty To Charges Of Murder In The First Degree, And She Continues To Protest Her Innocence Did She Or Didn T She Kill Caylee Mommy S Little Girl Is The Story Of One Of The Most Shocking, Confusing, And Horrific Crimes In Modern American History. I actually searched for this book as I watched a programme on t v about Casey Anthony I found this book to be fact based than the programme I had seen It delved a lot into the mind and actual doings of Casey and her surrounding fa I bought this book after watching the jury selection for the trial, and I have followed off and on the case from the beginning I read this story shortly before opening statements began, and this story is one of the many reasons I feel such outrage over the death of this little girl Casey Anthony is a sick, depraved, twisted and unfeeling individual There is no grey area in that That is the fact, clearly shown in the book, and that fact cannot be dressed up and made to look different when you simply take it all in, piece by piece, lie by lie After reading all the facts laid out, I do not envy the team of lawyers assembled to un ring the bell Casey Anthony rangand rang hard The book highlights, in rapid fire, the extreme way Anthony s world imploded in short order Her tower of lies and half truths sprawl across the page The balls of this woman will make you internally cringe, they are so far fetched and unbelievable Yes, there is relatively no new information, but the author does a nice job summing it and making it easier to understand Her par This book does a good job of pulling together materials that have been released to the public as evidence in the case It creates a fairly coherent narrative out of a decidedly chaotic case It also provides a small amount of family history that grounds the story, slightly The author is at a disadvantage in trying to write about the case while the story is still unfolding If she had had the luxury of discussing the case in retrospect with its principals, she might have been able to do a compelling job What she is unable to do is to explain what happened to Casey Anthony She offers several differing psychiatric views, but all feel like outsiders opinions I never feel as though she is able to provide any meaningful insight And in this strange case, the psychology of each member of the immediate Anthony case is as fascinating and horrifying as that of Casey Anthony Why have Casey s parents held so firmly to the bizarre and incredible stories their daughter wove And th

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