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They Don't Dance Much BOOKS They Don T Dance Much James Ross Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Called By Raymond Chandler A Sleazy, Corrupt But Completely Believable Story Of A North Carolina Town, This Tough, Realis Tic Novel Exemplifies Depression Literature In The United States Falling Somewhere Between The Hard As Nails Writing Of James M Cain And The Early Stories Of Ernest Hemingway, James Ross S Novel Was For Sheer Brutality And Frankness Of Language Considerably Ahead Of His Reading Public S Taste For Realism Untinged With Sentiment Or Profundity In His Brilliant Afterword To This New Edition, George V Higgins, Author Of The Recent Best Seller Cogan S Trade,pays Tribute To Ross For His Courage In Telling His Story Truthfully, In All Its Ugliness The Setting Of They Don T Dance Much Is A Roadhouse On The Outskirts Of A North Carolina Town On The Border With South Carolina, Complete With Dance Floor, Res Taurant, Gambling Room, And Cabins Rented By The Hour In The Events Described, Smut Milligan, The Proprietor, Seeks Money To Keep Operating And Commits A Brutal Murder.

About the Author: James Ross

James Ross 1911 1990 was an author of noir fiction Born in North Carolina, he worked as a reporter for the Daily News Greensboro for many years He wrote his first and only novel, They Don t Dance Much, in 1940 The book, considered country noir, was praised by the likes of Raymond Chandler and Flannery O Connor During the decade that followed, Ross published several short stories in liter

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    Es muy probable que fuera dif cil, por lo escandaloso o transgresor, escribir en aquella poca sobre el racismo, la explotaci n encubierta de trabajadores blancos o negros, la crueldad, la ignorancia generalizada, la hipocres a de una sociedad empobrecida, pacata y alcoholizada, la corrupci n como parte inherente al buen func

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    Just finished this novel moments ago and I m feeling pretty much pole axed by the quality of the writing and the stunning and beautifully written ending It s a cross between James M Cain and William Faulkner Naaaaahhh, not Faulkner Not really.It s in a league of its own.It s tough and it s hardboiled and a richly rewarding read.If you re

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    This Depression era novel quickly sank from view when it was first published in 1940 A new edition was released in 1975, with an introduction by George V Higgins, a crime novelist who was then at the peak of his career But even with his endorsement, the book was still little noticed Perhaps the third time will be the charm and the book has now b

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    A murder s a bad thing Here I was mixed up in one and it looked like experience was all I was going to get out of it Smut Milligan is a bootlegger who opens a roadhouse, and finds himself drowning in debt Creditors are closing in and he stands to lose it all But, waitthere s a rumor that one of his customers keeps a large stash of money hidden

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    Synopsis blurbCalled by Raymond Chandler a sleazy, corrupt but completely believable story of a North Carolina town, this tough, realis tic novel exemplifies Depression literature in the United States.Falling somewhere between the hard as nails writing of James M Cain and the early stories of Ernest Hemingway, James Ross s novel was for sheer brutality and fr

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    They Don t Dance Much is a noir novel set in 1930 s North Carolina It was the only book its author, James Ross, ever completed, and after reading it one wonders why Ross did not go on to produce many novels The book was out of print for many years after being published in 1940 and Mysterious Press wisely chose to re publish the book in 2013, with a forward by Danie

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    There s an uncharacteristic slow build up to this novel of southern noir set in the outskirts of a Depression era mill town in the north of North Carolina In that build up Smut Mulligan turns his filling station into a roadhouse that sells moonshine and runs crooked card games, it s not difficult to see that things will soon turn nasty The narrator is Jack McDonald, who is

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    Originally published in 1940, this down and dirty tale of murder and mayhem is well deserving of a second publishing It is labeled as country noir, which is spot on interesting that the term probably wasn t even around when it was written I keep wanting to refer to it as a potboiler, but it is so much better than that With the name of Smut Milligan, you just know the guy is going

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    I found that the book had a slow start but picked up about half way through I liked how the narrator started the book the same way that he ended the book..with pretty much nothing He played his role well The stuff in between held my attention causing me to think maybe things might work out for the narrator Also, for a book written in 1940 I thought it was a pretty good little novel...

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    James Ross 1911 1990 , said by William Gay to be the man who invented Southern noir, wrote only one novel, They Don t Dance Much The story is set in a North Carolina backwoods town, in the Depression years, and as the story opens, the narrator Jack Macdonald has just lost his farm through non payment of taxes Jack spends a lot of his time hanging around the garage and roadside store run by his

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