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The Peach Keeper The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Girl Who Chased The Moon Welcomes You To Her Newest Locale Walls Of Water, North Carolina, Where The Secrets Are Thicker Than The Fog From The Town S Famous Waterfalls, And The Stuff Of Superstition Is Just As Real As You Want It To BeIt S The Dubious Distinction Of Thirty Year Old Willa Jackson To Hail From A Fine Old Southern Family Of Means That Met With Financial Ruin Generations Ago The Blue Ridge Madam Built By Willa S Great Great Grandfather During Walls Of Water S Heyday, And Once The Town S Grandest Home Has Stood For Years As A Lonely Monument To Misfortune And Scandal And Willa Herself Has Long Strived To Build A Life Beyond The Brooding Jackson Family Shadow No Easy Task In A Town Shaped By Years Of Tradition And The Well Marked Boundaries Of The Haves And Have NotsBut Willa Has Lately Learned That An Old Classmate Socialite Do Gooder Paxton Osgood Of The Very Prominent Osgood Family, Has Restored The Blue Ridge Madam To Her Former Glory, With Plans To Open A Top Flight Inn Maybe, At Last, The Troubled Past Can Be Laid To Rest While Something New And Wonderful Rises From Its Ashes But What Rises Instead Is A Skeleton, Found Buried Beneath The Property S Lone Peach Tree, And Certain To Drag Up Dire Consequences Along With ItFor The Bones Those Of Charismatic Traveling Salesman Tucker Devlin, Who Worked His Dark Charms On Walls Of Water Seventy Five Years Ago Are Not All That Lay Hidden Out Of Sight And Mind Long Kept Secrets Surrounding The Troubling Remains Have Also Come To Light, Seemingly Heralded By A Spate Of Sudden Strange Occurrences Throughout The TownNow, Thrust Together In An Unlikely Friendship, United By A Full Blooded Mystery, Willa And Paxton Must Confront The Dangerous Passions And Tragic Betrayals That Once Bound Their Families And Uncover Truths Of The Long Dead That Have Transcended Time And Defied The Grave To Touch The Hearts And Souls Of The LivingResonant With Insight Into The Deep And Lasting Power Of Friendship, Love, And Tradition, The Peach Keeper Is A Portrait Of The Unshakable Bonds That In Good Times And Bad, From One Generation To The Next Endure Forever

About the Author: Sarah Addison Allen

New York Times Bestselling novelist Sarah Addison Allen brings the full flavor of her southern upbringing to bear on her fiction a captivating blend of magical realism, heartwarming romance, and small town sensibility.Born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Allen grew up with a love of books and an appreciation of good food she credits her journalist father for the former and her mother, a fabulous cook, for the latter In college, she majored in literature because, as she puts it, I thought it was amazing that I could get a diploma just for reading fiction It was like being able to major in eating chocolate After graduation, Allen began writing seriously Her big break occurred in 2007 with the publication of her first mainstream novel, Garden Spells, a modern day fairy tale about an enchanted apple tree and the family of North Carolina women who tend it Booklist called Allen s accomplished debut spellbindingly charming The novel became a Barnes Noble Recommends selection, and then a New York Times Bestseller.Allen continues to serve heaping helpings of the fantastic and the familiar in fiction she describes as Southern fried magic realism Clearly, it s a recipe readers are happy to eat up as fast as she can dish it out.Her published books to date are Garden Spells 2007 , The Sugar Queen 2008 , The Girl Who Chased the Moon 2010 , The Peach Keeper 2011 and Lost Lake 2014 and First Frost 2015 From BN.com

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    This wasn t terrible, but it lacks that spark of magic Allen s readers have grown to love Late in the book there s a chapter called The Joker, the Stick Man, the Princess, and the Freak That should have been the book s title There s not really anything about peach keeping in the story except one little thing near the end that feels like it was tossed in to justify th

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    Rating 3.5The Peach Keeper tells the story of the people that live in Walls of Water, North Carolina Focusing on a select few, their friendships, their loves, their struggles, and their secrets The Blue Ridge Madam is a very old house that is being restored to her former glory The story is a bit about that restoration, the grand gala that is being thrown for it, the people t

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    I guess the only thingpredictable than this book was my reaction to it Once again I let myself be fooled by a high goodreads rating despite the fact that Winter Garden and lots of other dumb or mostly dumb chicklit books had high ratings as well I should have known when I saw there was magic realism which I almost never enjoy it usually feels like a deux ex machina to me , though al

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    Confession I sent my husband out last night to retrieve this book for me while I made dinner for the kids and tried to breathe deeply This pregnancy .it palls, you guys The thing is, he was happy to do it and even after some creative detective work snagged the very last copy at our local bookstore I was incredibly relieved Because all I wanted to do last night, after dinner and talking to m

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    Summer A Thon Read a book while enjoying a summer y drinkI read this book while drinking lemonade, iced coffee, and a strawberry smoothie This book surprised me I didn t know what to expect going in, the synopsis made it sound like a Gothic mystery which it was But it also contained some magical realism, which is usually a huge turn off for me but I didn t mind it this time Magical realism usually

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    There is just something about Sarah Addison Allen s writing that makes you fall in love with reading all over again In the Peach Keeper, her fourth book, Allen takes us back to North Carolina and to the town of Walls of Water Paxton Osgood has been working to restore the Blue Bridge Madam, a local inn, to its former glory Willa Jackson is, while not an outcast, one of the unique characters that show up in

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    Willa Jackson and Paxton Osgood come together to honor their grandmothers Along the way they find a mysterious murder, what your coffee order says about you, and most importantly themselves Sarah Addison Allen always introduces a number of interesting characters and we even got a glimpse of the Waverlys catering a party which was a nice surprise My favorite parts about this one was the Blue Ridge Madam the house t

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    Three stars, because I liked it A good relaxing read The Blue Ridge Madam built by Willa s great great grandfather and once the finest home in Walls of Water, North Carolina has stood for years as a monument to misfortune and scandala skeleton is found buried beneath the property s lone peach tree, long kept secrets come to lightThese words got me reading this book The rest of the blurb made it a dubious possibility, but

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    Disappointing.That s the best word to describe this book I have read Sarah Addison Allen s previous books, and I have generally enjoyed them They re basically Alice Hoffman knock offs, but that s okay, that s what I was looking for When I read the description for this latest book, I was excited It sounded like an interesting story, with all the small town elements I enjoy And the problem is, the basic plot elements are really int

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    I really disliked this book That said, I really enjoyed Addison Allen s other titles, but this one read too chick lit ish for me I didn t feel like Colin, Paxton, or Willa were as interesting as her usual characters, nor did I feel like their problems were very difficult or compelling I mean, Colin felt like his youth was rough because his friends considered him to be tightly wound How horrible And what were Paxton s reasons for staying

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