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Jitterbug Perfume Jitterbug Perfume Is An Epic, Which Is To Say, It Begins In The Forests Of Ancient Bohemia And Doesn T Conclude Until Nine O Clock Tonight Paris Time It Is A Saga, As Well A Saga Must Have A Hero, And The Hero Of This One Is A Janitor With A Missing Bottle The Bottle Is Blue, Very, Very Old, And Embossed With The Image Of A Goat Horned God If The Liquid In The Bottle Is Actually Is The Secret Essence Of The Universe, As Some Folks Seem To Think, It Had Better Be Discovered Soon Because It Is Leaking And There Is Only A Drop Or Two Left

About the Author: Tom Robbins

Thomas Eugene Robbins born July 22, 1936 in Blowing Rock, North Carolina is an American author His novels are complex, often wild stories with strong social undercurrents, a satirical bent, and obscure details His novel Even Cowgirls Get the Blues 1976 was made into a movie in 1993 directed by Gus Van Sant.

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    Well, I officially don t get Tom Robbins People have recommended him on the basis of comparisons to Douglas Adams, but Adams is, you know, funny Here s what seems to pass for humor in a Tom Robbin

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    Before I knew that magical realism was a thing, I loved Tom Robbins Before I fell hard for postmodernism, I fell for Tom Robbins Before I had developed a literary taste that I can be proud of, there was

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    Told to read this by my boyfriend who declared that I NEEDED to read this book to understand him, I am now disgusted and reconsidering my relationship Ok, I m kidding, but I take solace in the fact he read th

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    post read Ohhhh, I really missed reading Robbins What fun This book was bothand less wonderful than I d remembered More because I d forgotten just what a superb stylist Robbins is see mid read comments His plots ar

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    I m going to add many quotes from this book and not indulge too much in the plot.Like Gabriel Garc a M rquez s One Hundred Years of Solitude, and myrecent read of Jonathan Carroll s The Land Of Laughs, this book took me

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    The most glarin failure o the intelligentsia in modern times has been its inability to take comedy seriously The above Wiggs Dannyboy quote sums up the experience of my first Tom Robbins novel It was a wild, irreverent, intell

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    The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being Jitterbug Perfume is a novel that starts out with 4 separate story lines And then about 120 pages or so into the text the 4 stories slowly

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    Tom Robbins is, to me, like the band Rush I know this seems like I m trying too hard, but honestly, this is the best analogy I can come up with this is legitmately the first thing that came to mind You like them ok, and even get a bit exc

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    Talk about not understanding what all the fuss is about If I m not mistaken, Tom Robbins is kind of a literary legend in some circles, and at the very least has sold millions of books And while there s certainly an intelligent, probing mind beh

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    Two stars, and I m being nice And I am a f cking huge fan of beetroot For the last few weeks, I ve been eating it like it s the only vegetable on the menu It s good for iron in the blood, and I like it pickled, raw and boiled I could eat it constantl

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