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Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq The Attacks Of Led To A War On Iraq, Although There Was Neither Tangible Evidence That The Nation S Leader, Saddam Hussein, Was Linked To Osama Bin Laden Nor Proof Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction Why, Then, Did The Iraq War Garner So Much Acceptance In The United States During Its Primary Stages Mass Deception Argues That The George W Bush Administration Manufactured Public Support For The War On Iraq Scott A Bonn Introduces A Unique, Integrated, And Interdisciplinary Theory Called Critical Communication To Explain How And Why Political Elites And The News Media Periodically Create Public Panics That Benefit Both Parties Using Quantitative Analysis Of Public Opinion Polls And Presidential Rhetoric Pre And Post In The News Media, Bonn Applies The Moral Panic Concept To The Iraq War He Critiques The War And Occupation Of Iraq As Violations Of Domestic And International Law Finally, Mass Deception Connects Propaganda And Distortion Efforts By The Bush Administration To General Theories Of Elite Deviance And State Crime

About the Author: Scott A. Bonn

Scott Bonn, Ph.D is Professor of Criminology at Drew University, media commentator, public speaker and author He is an expert on the behavior and the motivations of criminals He offers insights into various types of crime, including white collar, state crime, bullying, domestic violence, sexual assault and serial homicide His expert commentary frequently appears in the popular news media.Dr Bonn just completed a book on the public s fascination with serial killers which offers insights into the minds of infamous predators and explains how and why serial killers become ghoulish popular culture celebrities Titled Why We Love Serial Killers this powerful book will be released by Skyhorse Press in October 2014.Emmy winning TV host and best selling author, Rita Cosby, says this about Dr Bonn s new book Considered one of the world s top experts on criminal behavior, Scott Bonn has delivered a book which is so powerful and provocative, you cannot put it down Indeed, through his diligent work and unparalleled access to these infamous killers who ve committed some of the most horrific crimes of our day, he provides chilling and critical insight into these deviant and pathological criminal minds and reveals the truth behind the headlines Professor Bonn is not your average academic He combines the knowledge and skills of an academic scholar withthan twenty years of senior level corporate experience in advertising, and the news and entertainment media As such, he has unique insights into the public s attitudes and beliefs, how they are shaped, and the agenda setting powers of political leaders and the news media.Dr Bonn has developed a unique, integrated, and interdisciplinary theory called critical communication to explain how state officials and the news media together shape public opinion on complex issues such as homicide, capital punishment, illicit drugs, abortion and terrorism.Dr Bonn received a Ph.D in sociology criminology at the University of Miami, FL, and a masters degree in criminal justice administration at San Jose State University He teaches courses in criminology, sociology of deviance, media and crime, and criminal justice His primary research interests include white collar crime, state crime, domestic violence, serial homicide and how the media influence society.Prior to his academic career, Bonn held high ranking corporate positions such as Vice President at NBC Television Network, and Executive Vice President at SonicNet, a leading music website, now a part of MTV Networks He resides in Manhattan, New York.

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    This book is not a piece of political polemics, but a scholarly work of sociological research regarding what is known as moral panic, and the ongoing debate among sociologists whether these short lived but heavily promoted issues come into existence from the top down, or from the grassroots up In the case of the US War on Iraq, Scott Bonn, a sociologist and criminologist with significant background in advertising, marketing and electronic media, uses proven and accepted methodologies which Th

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    Great book actually read for a class I was taking on War in the Media the book offers an analysis of the manufactured panic that was created around 9 11 to gain support from the public As there was no proof about weapons of mass destruction or links to bin Laden, the book takes us on the journey of creating a moral panic to garner support for this controversial war

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