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Mongrel (Mongrel, #1) Hunzinger S Mechanical Circus, A Rollicking Seaside Carnival Where Imagination Meets Machinery, Shines As The Only Bright Spot In The Dreary City Of Purinton A Shadow Is Cast There One Day When A Tall, Cloaked Figure Approaches The Stand Of Will Marchman, A Young Patent Medicine Salesman Fanule Perfidor, Commonly Known As The Dog King, Isn T Welcome At The Circus No Resident Of Taintwell Is They Re All Branded Mongrels, Officially Shunned But Will Is Beguiled By The Stunning, Mysterious Perfidor Their Mutual Wariness Soon Gives Way To Desire, And A Bond Forms.Soon The Naive But Plucky Pitchman Becomes Embroiled In A Dangerous Quest Fanule Suspects Alphonse Hunzinger And Purinton S Civic Leaders Are Responsible For The Disappearance Or Incarceration Of Countless Branded Mongrels But Why As Will S Passion And Regard For His Tormented Lover Grow, He S Determined To Help Fanule Get Answers And Prevent Any Further Persecution Or Worse They Just Have To Stay Together And Stay Alive Long Enough To See Their Plan Through.

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    oh, bugger.first time I ve ever been torn twixt one star rating and another to any degree worth bothering with a decimal.fanule s a wonderfully inviting main character, and theI read of him theI wanted to know of and or have sex with him.the setting is terrific not as richly drawn as I d have liked, but here and there are marvelously descriptive passages that made me w

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    The world building, guys, omigod A Mechanical Circus, a town called Taintwell, a cat that can disassemble itself, and a group of people called Branded Mongrels And the hero is called Fanule Perfidor, the Dog King How is that not the best name you ve ever heard outside Hogwarts This is a mix of steampunk and paranormal fantasy, and it s a rollicking great story I love st

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    Fanule Perfidor is not a name, it s a magical spell that gives life to one of the hottest, sexiest, nicest, most compassionate, most sympathetic and BEST characters I ve ever read In the book everyone seems to be startled and awed by his physical presence and I have no doubt about it, because he takes possession of the heart and mind of the reader and then you re his He

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    I want a Mongrel like Fanule nope he is not a dog the is The Dog King the Eminence of Taintwell a light sucker yes, he is a lot of things, and I fall in love with this amazing character Quick OverviewIn an fiction place there is a distinct difference between the humankind Pures and Mongrels While Pures are the normal and powerless humans, Mongrels can have physical or ano

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    This could have been amazing I was really, really enjoying this book in the beginning It was unique It was dark It was snarky And I was really loving the world and the characters the author created But then I got bored It went from sexual tension to insta love And I never felt the urgency of the mystery Where some things were detailed, others were glossed over and never ex

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    Mongrel had been sitting, gathering dust on my Kindle for quite some time The first time I tried to read it, I just wasn t in that mood Having been chosen for me in the LGBT Fantasy Group challenge, and having just finished Third Daughter, an awesome and diverse non Eurocentric steampunk novel, I was finally in the mood for something that stylistically reminded me the brill

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    This was one of those amazingly descriptive books where you don t even feel like you are reading any The world building was so well done It s really hard to find a quality steam punk themed story in general and in this genre specifically, but this one was perfect So many sci fi steam punk fantasy books over do it with the world building so you get taken out of the story as y

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    I was completely surprised by how much I enjoyed this book I haven t read too much steampunk The imagination that went into this story and how beautifully Snow was able to translate that into words was amazing I loved the world building and must admit there are a few new words to add to my vocabulary, these words only added to the tangibility of the world.I am a sucker for vu

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    This story reels in the fantasy steam punk world between residents of Taintwell with their Branded Mongrels and Purinton with their pure humans Fanule Perfidor is the Eminence of Taintwell, The Dog King, and he is investigating the case of dissapearing mongrels and the whispers of injustice punishment for mongrels that are being caught To get to this, Fanule needs to get infor

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    2.5 5 Mongrel started out really great, but sadly went downhill from there I enjoyed parts of the book, mainly the lead character, Fanule Perfidor That said, I think that K Z Snow didn t go as deep with Fanule as she cou...

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