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Appelsinpiken This was one awesome book I actually just came to read it because of my seat mate way back in my senior year in high school She was the one who owns the book actually I saw the book on her desk and asked her if she could give me a gist of the story She told me that it is better if I read the book myself because she finds it a bit difficult to explain what is in the book I didn t hesitate, I immediately grabbed that opportunity to be able to read the book I was so curious about its cover and its title The Orange Girl In the process of reading the book, I just found myself so obsessed that I seem can t stop reading It seems so yummy that whenever I find my free time I always feel the need to have even just a few moments with the book I found myself so carried away sniffing and then crying in the process of reading I understood fully well why it was hard for my classmate to explain the story When another friend asked about the book, I just told her to read it for herself so she could also feel the satisfaction I myself felt after reading the whole book Yeah One thing that struck me No two oranges are alike and I promise, I will read this book again I admire Jostein Gaarder for his way of writing The story of The Orange Girl is so unique that I can t seem to find the best words to describe it It s just so wonderfully awesome AwesomeWill read Sophie s World too Thank you so much Jostein Gaarder Lately I had been having trouble dealing with existentialism I even nagged to a dear friend that why don t we get a choice in thatwhy can t we choose to exist or not to,living in this dark world hurts and I can t take it any and then the universe decided to mock me and put this amazingly written book in my hand in the midst of my visionary thoughts If you have ever read any of the gaarder s book you re gonna think this must be so much about philosophyWell it s not, I mean it is but it s not.You ll get it when you read it It s a guide on how to live, how to notice the universe around you and let it be observed and to answer your question because I owe it to you that much as a reader of the book , maybe if I had been given the chance I d refuse to take it all and well that would have been such a big shame But lucky me, I m alive, I exist and I m able to notice and enjoy the universe and LIVE the days of my life because who knows maybe the screens never gets reloaded and this is the only chance we get at being mesmerised by our surroundings. Mi Padre Muri Hace Once A Os, Cuando Yo S Lo Ten A Cuatro Cre Que No Volver A A Saber Nada De L, Pero Ahora Estamos Escribiendo Un Libro Juntos As Comienza La Joven De Las Naranjas Que Hace Reflexionar Al Lector Sobre La Intensidad De La Vida, Pero Tambi N Sobre La Muerte Una Historia Que Nos Habla Del Tiempo Y Sobre Qu Somos Realmente, Qu Misterio Compartimos Con El Universo Elegir Amos Nacer, Y Conocer La Vida En Toda Su Intensidad, Sabiendo Que Quiz Sea Para Permanecer S Lo Un Instante En Ella O Rechazar Amos La Oferta Georg, Un Joven De 15 A Os Apasionado Por La Astronom A, Encuentra Una Antigua Carta Que Su Padre Escribi Para L Al Saber Que Iba A Morir En Ella Le Cuenta El Gran Amor Que Sinti Por La Misteriosa Joven De Las Naranjas Para Finalmente Formularle Una Importante Pregunta, A La Que Georg Debe Responder Antes De Contestar, Georg Habr Escrito Un Libro Con Su Padre, Un Libro Que Va M S All Del Tiempo Y De Los L Mites De La Muerte. What is this great fairytale we live in and which each of us is only permitted to experience for such a short time This is what I ll remember from this book A simple love story with a complicated question A dad left his son a letter from beyond the grave, telling him the fairytale of how he met his mom.It was sometimes frustrating to continue reading but in the end, it was worth it.97.11.14 The best books are those that remind you that you are alive, and this one truly did that for me So beautiful and sad at the same time. I wish I would have gone for it much earlier, when I was about 13 15 Anyway I like the idea and the fundamental questions brought up in the book To me this is a baby to the God s illusion documentary by lovely Richard Dawkins, as he mentions we are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones most ppl are never gonna die cuz they are never gonna be born The potential ppl who could have been here in my place but who will in fact never see the light of day outnumber the sand grains of Arabia we privileged few, who won the lottery of birth against all odds, how dare we whine at our inevitable return to that prior state from which the vast majority have never stirred I once had a really horrible boyfriend actually, I ve had several , and while he busied himself with Crown lager and transforming into Mr Hyde I would bury myself in Sophie s World , a book lent to me by a kind aunty with impeccable timing The solace I found among those pages initiated a quest to read of the Norwegian writer s stories, much like my later obsession with Paolo Coelho or Juliet Marillier But Jostein Gaarder s offerings are a bit hit and miss The curse of being a seasoned authorial fan lies in the comparison of other works to the big, wonderful one that finds its way onto the shelf in than one edition Sophie s World , Gaarders most famous YA novel on the history of philosophy, is an epic work that began my love affair with the ideas of ancient and modern thinkers On this pedestal is also The Solitaire Mystery , a fantastical adventure story about a son and his father on an expedition with a living, dancing deck of cards The Christmas Mystery however was a diluted version of The Solitaire Mystery and sits in my mind next to Maya , an Indonesian journey that entertains the spiritual search for meaning I m afraid that The Orange Girl also belongs in this second category Gaarder s prose is so beautiful, and the lovely turn of phrase never fails to surround me with magic and delight But the story that pours from a letter written to a teenage boy by his deceased father lacks much in the way of plot or intrigue The missive from Jan to the narrator was hidden for years in an old pram and now that it s been found, we sit with Georg as he reads his father s words and provides for us a commentary about his family, his life, and his interests Attempting to convey nostalgia, The Orange Girl tells the love story of the boy s parents and the saddening circumstances that pulled Jan from his wife and young son This is a sweet novella about a man who posthumously desires that his son should know him It smacks with sentiment, but my reaction was not so much oh, life is so precious but rather this is lovely, but so what I feel so dirty being harsh to the man who wrote the book that still saves me from Plato s allegory of the cave The Orange Girl is a character led story, which is all well and good but it needed to have to drive it forward in order to sustain my attention and distract me from nasty, beer guzzling bogans A sentimental 3 stars Follow me on the blog This was a lovely story 15 year old Georg is handed a letter his now deceased father wrote to him 12 years ago Georg was only 3 years old when his father passed away, therefore has no real memories of him The letter his father writes recounts a story of the orange girl I liked how the story was structured first Georg reads a section of his father s letter and then he digests and questions what he s just read As the letter progresses, we can see Georg s thinking process and see how he evolves Be warned I got a bit teary eyed towards the end of the book. This book helped me be calm and still in a very difficult time in my life I borrowed it from a friend, Shehneela, when I chanced upon it in her hostel room I did not have any great reasons to pick this book up when she offered me to select something from her bookshelf, but now I am glad I picked this one up.I cannot explain in simple words how this book has helped untie a knot in my heart and mind, but it has, and for that reason, I wanted to do away with Shehneela s copy altogether I was unsuccessful But the great thing about this book was that it helped me let go And I did.A year later, I spotted a copy in the bookshop Staples beside my new office Ovex Tech I did not have the money to buy it at that time, so each day I went to the shop in my lunch break to check if the copy was still there As soon as I got my first pay cheque cashed, I went in and bought the book.It was a small victory, but a great feeling at the same time I do not know why anyone would be so attached to a slim book by a not so well known author but I suppose the circumstances hold the secret.All I can say about this book is that it is straightforward, well written and Gaarder does not repeat himself in this tale, as he has most commonly done in many of his other books The narrative is crisp, with quick, realistic transitions in the tale, a resolution and well, it s just a good story well told Something I won t mind reading again and again. But the dream of something unlikely has its own special name We call it hopeJostein Gaarder, The Orange GirlThe Orange Girl was my introduction to the work of Jostein Gaarder Thanks to my friend, ST for suggesting Gaarder to me The Orange Girl was the perfect book to read after finishing Ulysses Gaarder is a true romantic and The Orange Girl is as fine a feel good book as there is While reading The Orange Girl, you will experience a wide range of emotions you will laugh, cry, be frustrated, and think WTF Jan Olav This beautiful story will definitely affect you in ways you don t quite expect.The Orange Girl is short, and beautifully written At a slim 151 pages, Gaarder will take you on a journey thru love, death, family, and quantum mechanics while making you question everything you thought you believed in, but in wonderful, heartfelt ways At the heart of all this, is a question our hero, Georg, must answer for his father It maybe the most important question Georg is ever asked While on this journey of self discovery with his father, Georg learns about his parents courtship, his roots, synchronicty, and the power of love in all her forms It is an eye opening journey that should make all of Gaarder s readers question who they are, where they come from and most importantly, to ask thoughtful, probing questions about what they perceive as their reality My only real gripe with The Orange Girl is its poor English translation There were times the translation left me scratching my head wondering why wasn t this proofed better Ultimately, I loved The Orange Girl It is beautifully written, and well worth you time.

About the Author: Jostein Gaarder

Jostein Gaarder is a Norwegian intellectual and author of several novels, short stories, and children s books Gaarder often writes from the perspective of children, exploring their sense of wonder about the world He often uses meta fiction in his works, writing stories within stories.Gaarder was born into a pedagogical family His best known work is the novel Sophie s World, subtitled A Novel a

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