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The Cat’s Meow (Assassins Pride #1) The Cat S Meow Assassins Pride 1 Download Author Stormy Glenn Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Being In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Is Not Always A Bad Thing Noah Anderson Is Odd And He Knows It He Has A Strong Obsessive Compulsive Disorder That Keeps Him Organized But Distances Him From The World Around Him He Doesn T Have Any Friends, Family, Or Even A Lover He S Never Had A Lover.When He Finds Himself In The Wrong Place At The Right Time, Noah Discovers That The Dangers Posed By Having Sex For The First Time Pale In Comparison To Having Sex With The Assassin That Comes To Kill Him, Even If It Means His Life.Gage Tynan Is A Killer It S What He S Always Been And He Excelled At His Job Until He Jumped Into The Car Of A Passing Motorist When His Latest Mission Goes Wrong The Man Driving Is So Odd That Gage Suspects He Might Have Been Sent To Harm Him Gage Has No Idea That The Little Man That Asks Him To Take His Cat Will Change His Life In Ways He Has No Clue Of.Gage Is Dragged Into A World Of Shifters And Exiled Kings, One Where His Strength Will Be Called Upon To Keep Noah Safe From The Pride Soldiers Sent To Keep Him From Taking The Throne.

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    I have tried to write this review twice now and I am getting too carried away so I am just going to make it short and sweet I adored Noah and because of that for about half the book I was wishing that Gage would walk into a tree or something Actually, it was worse than that Last night he was on my Top Ten Hit List.I think this is the most enjoyable Stormy Glenn story that I have re

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    This book was recommended to me by Nikyta, who is batting 100% with her recommendations to me I really wasn t so sure I would like this book as much as I did because I m not a big fan of cats There I said it I m very much a dog person Cats just don t seem to like me, lol After reading this book I may have to change my mind about cats because I really had a great time reading this book.I love

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    Very shallow fluffy PWP, and I mean it, this gives mud puddles depth.It was fun though, and a perfect intermission for sufferers of book hangovers

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    A royal virgin shifter cat with healing powers and ability to lube prep himself when aroused Noah could feel his aching hole opening, the natural lube he created warming inside him.Human fantasy is endless I ll give you that.This story is your ordinary sugar romance novel There were few fu...

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    All I ve got to say is When is the next one coming out LOVED this book Noah starts out sweet, niave, and endearing And although he loses the niavete, watching him grow and change during the story was like enjoying a f...

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    This book, first in a new series, is funny, has wonderful characters, a great story, and if it is typical for what is to come, this series promises much entertainment The idea of having a royal line of cat shifters who are supposed to rule each pride is somewhat unusual, but the way to recognize these royals is priceless This first volume made me laugh out loud at some of Noah s comments and reactions to what was going on Gage, in

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    I LOVED Noah at the beginning His OCD His reaction to Gage But then that suddenly disappeared as soon as he shifted It felt like he almost completely lost that in favor of either being horny or depressed or confused If he really was OCD, wouldn t it have just gotten worse because of those emotions His way of dealing, so to speak I mean, I understand the situati...

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    Loved it I loved Noah and Gage They were so sweet together

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    I totally enjoyed this read So very relaxing and down right funny

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    OMG A Stormy Glenn book that is actually well written I had to give it 4 for its lack of typos every other page and decent character development Stormy has never had a problem with the smut writing The reason I subject myself to her writing every now and then is that the tried and true PNR dom sub big bad alpha little sweet mate totally does it for me Since t...

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